Thursday, December 16, 2010

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam Part 2

The standard deal

More images of HCM-Pro 00 Gundam after the introduction on Tuesday.

Without any hand held weapon.

Mode change of GN Sword II from sword mode to rifle mode.
Unlike the HG 1/144 scale plamo kit version, the blade component is able to rotate at the base for a slightly more realistic representation of the transformation as seen in the anime.

The swords can of course be mounted on the side skirt armors.

Pretty standard features for the shield: the blade portion can be extended ...

... and the shield can be mounted onto the Twin Drive's base.

The more equipped version of 00 Gundam at the beginning of Season 2 I believe. ^^

Part-swapping to combine the two shield pieces as seen in Part 1. The shield can be mounted onto the forearm.

Part-swapping to get the combined GN Sword II, also mentioned in Part 1.

With the many versions of 00 Gundam's merchandises we got today, it's easy to see that the accessories included for this HCM-Pro version and the gimmicks incorporated for each of them are pretty standard as of their design. "Not outstanding" would probably be a good comment for them, since they can be found in most versions of releases, and they pretty much do the same thing. Then again, back during this HCM-Pro version was released, the closest counterpart of it, the HG 1/144 plamo kit version was pretty lacking in terms of accessories. No shield, no beam saber, no extra part to combine the swords as well. In that sense and at such timing, you could say that this HCM-Pro version is the more complete release for 00 Gundam. Before the many merchandise version of O Raiser was released, HCM-Pro 00 Gundam seems to do better in terms of playability than the plamo kit version.

A look at the articulation design in the next review.

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