Thursday, February 10, 2011

MG Infinite Justice Part 15

Crazy knee joint

Continuing the assembly of Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam:

Parts for the right arm.

Somewhat generic design for the elbow joint.

Completed right arm.

Full 180-degree bending marvel of the elbow joint. ^^

Posing with the beam rifle.

Just enough room for the entire hand to grip the handle.

Parts for the left arm.

The design is exactly the same as the right arm.

With the shield mounted.

There's a tab on the shield's secondary handle for the hand to grab it.

The shield is quite heavy for the hand, or more specifically the fingers to hold it this way. It's rather exhausting for the joints.

Both arms completed.

Parts for the right leg.

Very intricate combination set of parts for the knee joint. ^^

Linked movement of the thigh and knee cap when the knee is bent.
Very much the same as that on MG Destiny Gundam actually.

Last look at the interior of the leg before the final assembly. ^^

Not many separable component since the thigh, knee and leg are all in one piece.

Right leg completed.

Great articulation for the leg, as expected of the Master Grade releases from "Gundam SEED Destiny" sub-series.

Details on the sole.

Done for the left leg, which is of the exact same design as the right leg as well.

Left leg completed.

Done for both legs.

Moving on to the body unit next. ^^

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jtang00Q said...

For the shield, try rotating the hands with the palm up to hold the shield better, and maybe bending the elbow too. :)