Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revoltech Date Masamune Part 2

You look at me, I look at you

A look at all the weapons and accessories of Revoltech Yamaguchi Sengoku Basara Date Masamune this time.

Plenty of katanas at his disposal. ^^

Option face part with eyes gazing to the left. A perfect contrast to Sanada Yukimura's face part mentioned yesterday (shown on the right). The rivalry between the two men is one of the reasons why they should be obtained as a pair. ^^

Generic pair of option hand units to hold his swords.

All the individual swords. The first one shown on top is Date's favorite sword Kagehide (景秀), which is wielded as a single sword.
The other four swords are meant for two naginata-like combo weapons.

Very fine details on the sculpting and paint job of all the swords.

While not 100 percent accurate, you can definitely see the amount of effort put in by the designer to get all the details right on the two tri-sword hand units.

Four swords that can combine at pommel level.

Fine details and very nice paint job for the fixed swords in their sheaths to be mounted to the figure's waist.

Double Revoltech joints for each of the sword sets for great posing flexibility.

While they are supposed to be fixed, you can still remove the hilt from each sheath.
Quite an added bonus there. ^^

RevolChip, RevolContainer, effect display base and display stand are standard items that are included for Sanada Yukimura and many other Revoltech releases.

Some plastic wrappers between the waist and neck to be removed when taking the figure out of its box for the first time.

Straight-out-of-the-box Date Masamune.

Looking at the image on the back of the box to decide which sword set belongs to which side of the waist. ^^;

A dedicated slot on the waist to attach the part.

More images of the figure for display:

Back to Sanada Yukimura with a look on his articulation design in the next posting.

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redmage20386 said...

Wow... revoltech sure upgrade their product quality, back when i got revo laevatein i remember about their lousy paintjob and weird articulation, but now i just got revo eva evolution, the paint job is good, articulation wise it's great and revo is now become one of my main fave series :D