Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HCM-Pro Arios Archer Set Part 3

It's supposed to be transformable?

Various action pose of HCM-Pro Arios Gundam after the introduction on its articulation design in the previous posting.

GN Sub Machine Gun.

GN Beam Saber

Parts of the clear display base included.

Two smaller triangular parts can be configured to form a larger base, or to connect to a fixed rhombus.

(Left) Plenty of slots for the stand to plug onto on a single base part
(Right) Connecting point between the bases.

The three bases can be configured into different forms.

Three display stands included, which are designed with specific function for each: (left to right) extension part to mount Arios Archer, dedicated stand for GN Archer and dedicated stand for Arios Gundam (in both Gundam and MA modes).

The stands for GN Archer and Arios Gundam are designed with joints to adjust the figure's position of display.

(Left) Arios Gundam is mounted onto the stand via a clip to its tail binder
(Right) A protruding point on the stand helps to hold the mid section of the tail for added security of the display.

As shown, the joint on the display stand allows the figure to be elevated for different angle of display, which helps to create a lot of dynamic poses. ^^

On the other hand, even without the stand, Arios Gundam is very posable on its own. Its ground action is pretty good, as its feet can touch the surface very firmly. The seemingly cumbersome wings on its knees are no problem at all for any of its poses, and if necessary, the "special feature" mentioned in the previous posting can be deployed - pulling the thigh outward to give the leg extra flexibility in display. ^^

The almost unlimited waist and shoulder articulation mean unlimited poses for the upper body as well. ^^ Supposedly a transformable figure, but the transformation gimmick doesn't give a single trouble to the adjustment of its action poses. Instead, all the special joints created for that feature turn out to be awesome bonuses that make the figure even more posable than other average action figures. Very cool! ^^

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