Sunday, November 13, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 13

Tiny planes & big wings

Rolling out another Gunpla, a big one this time. ^^

Master Grade Force Impulse Gundam, which has been waiting for its turn for completion since mid July. ^^;

Apart from features like inner frame details, sliding thigh armor, hydraulic pipe sets and others that can be found on most other Master Grade kits, the unique transformation and docking gimmicks of Force Impulse Gundam's various components can be fully realized, with much redefined details I should add. Furthermore, each component has some sort of special gimmicks on its own - its own set of landing gears at the very least. On top of all that, the array of weapons included for this kit is pretty amazing as well. ^^

That's just the preview really. In showcasing all those gimmicks and details, I can perceive how all the postings on the assembly of this kit is going to be quite lengthy. ^^

Starting the whole work with the Core Splendor and Force Silhouette pack. ^^

Parts for Core Splendor.

The pilot figure of Lunamaria and the landing gears are among the many heavily painted parts for Core Splendor back in Part 2, 3 and 4.

Fitting the pilot figure into the cockpit.

Major components before the final assembly.

Done for Core Splendor.

Not a very complicated component to assemble, but given its relatively small size, the effort and time invested in getting all the details right is a lot. ^^;

The canopy can of course be lifted.
The canopy's frame painted with different colors for its interior and exterior turns out to be very nice. ^^

Fitting landing gear parts to the little fighter plane.

Closer look at the details.

A connector part is included to mounted Core Splendor to Action Base 1.

Shown here, it's mounted to Action Base 2 actually, but using Base 1's display stand. This is possible since the two bases' pins and slots are identical in diameter. It's the display bases' gimmick instead of Core Splendor's though. ^^

Parts of the flyer unit.
The assembly is a lot simpler than Core Splendor since it's not transformable.

Like Core Splendor, the flyer unit has its own set of landing gears as well.

Done for the flyer unit.

The large white areas on the wings are painted in Part 7.
I'm glad that the color matches the body just nice. ^^

Closer look at the details.

Size comparison with Core Splendor done earlier one.

The flyer unit has its own mount rack part to connect to Action Base 1 as well.

Mounted onto Action Base 1.

The flyer unit always looks like a mini space shuttle to me, probably due to its color scheme that resembles the ones we have in real world. ^^

Parts for Force Silhouette pack's main body.

Force Silhouette pack's main body completed.

Details beneath the body.

The red interior of the thrusters that was painted in Part 3. ^^

The joint to hold the rear binders, which connects to the main body's bottom seamlessly, can be tilted downward for the rear binder to be adjusted later on.

The rear portion of the body can be tilted downward to reveal some mecha details inside the component.

Parts of Force Silhouette pack's main wings.

Total cover-up for the "tray" that was used for holding Gundam Marker paints when I did the Core Splendor (as mentioned in Part 6). ^^
It's magic! XD

Each wing is separated into two halves via a joint that allows the wing to be folded.

Done for the wings.

With the wings folded.
More like completely flattened actually, which is very accurate to the depiction of Force Silhouette pack's storage form on Minerva.

The joint between the wing segments is designed with protruding tabs that prevent the parts from bending downward.
A very simple yet considerate design feature this is. ^^

Parts of the rear binders and fins (vertical stabilizers?).

Done for the rear binders and fins.

All the thrusters' interior were painted in Part 7.

All of Force Silhouette pack's components.

The wings are really sharp and long. ^^

The rear binders can be completely retracted.

All the movable components on the pack. ^^

No landing gear for Force Silhouette pack, but a pretty large display platform is included.

No joint whatsoever to mount the pack to the base, the former is just "sitting" on it ^^ - on two designated slots to be exact just to keep the position steady.

With its carrier - the flyer unit. ^^

The rear portion of the flyer unit is pulled out from its body to create the required room for Force Silouette pack to dock with it.

Force Silhouette pack is connected to the back of the flyer unit.

Done for this combined mecha. ^^

Ground poses of the Force Silhouette pack uses the display platform.

The width and length of the entire component occupies an A4-size cutting mat!

Closer look at the details.

The flyer unit's connector is used to mount the entire mecha to Action Base 1.

Force Silhouette pack with the flyer unit on Action Base 1.

Closer look at the details.

Quick transformation into the form that docks to Impulse Gundam's back.

Awesomely wide wingspan that is very good to look at, but not very convenient for the camera. ^^;

With the wings folded.

Tons of stuff to say about the kit, tons of great details to look at as well, even before getting into the Gundam itself. ^^

The next update will be on the weapons and a few inner frame components. ^^

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