Friday, November 11, 2011

HG 1/144 Gafran Part 4

The upsize factors

Continuing with the assembly of HG 1/144 Gafran after the start in the previous posting. ^^

Parts for the wings/side skirt armors.

A combination of polycap and hinge joints on the blue parts themselves for the wings' movement.

Done for the wings.

Expansion of the wings.

Pretty wide display of the wings when the parts are expanded, which look pretty "convincing" like wings on a flying beast. ^^

Adjustment for the front-most wing piece's position is made extremely versatile via a ball-type polycap in its base. Even though it's pretty tight, it's good that the part can be angled to various positions to support more dynamic display in both MS and Flight modes.

Parts for the tail/beam rifle.

Three separable components before the final assembly.

Done for the tail/beam rifle.

The length of the entire weapon is pretty intimidating. ^^

The mid section of the tail can be pulled to extend the entire component even more.

The extension is useful for the tail to be posed as beam rifle over Gafran's left or right shoulder. It also helps to form segments of the tail in Flight Mode.

Three spikes on the tail are designed to be movable for some reasons. ^^

Connecting the wings and tail to three polycaps on the back of the kit.

The entire model seems to have increased in size one fold with those three add-ons XD

Parts for the head.

Foil sticker for the eye.

Pretty unconventional eye design for an MS I think, but it looks pretty good nonetheless. ^^

(Left) Separable components of the head before the final assembly.
(Right) Three joints spotted inside the helmet: two hinge-type joints for the sideburns to expand, plus one ball-type polycap that would allow some movement for skull.

Done for the head.

Flight Mode transformed state.

The head can move separately from the "mini-wings" (XD) via the ball-type polycap mentioned earlier on.

Assembled onto the body.

More images of the just completed HG Gafran:

A very simple kit to build this is, but very fun nonetheless. It has a combination of small (like some that are for the arms and body) and very large parts (like the ones for the wings). Much to my pleasure, the design of certain components' assembly is pretty unconventional and unique., the body, wings, tail and head especially. For that, this is a very enjoyable kit to build. ^^

Action poses of HG Gafran in the next posting. ^^

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