Saturday, November 19, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 19

Force Impulse Gundam

It's time to forget about the separated component forms of the kit and focus on the Gundam instead. ^^

Chest Flyer, Core Splendor and Leg Flyer are transformed into Impulse Gundam's three segments.
Transformation of all the component was shown in Part 15 (Core Splendor), 17 (Leg Flyer) and the previous posting (Chest Flyer).

No change to the docking sequence with the upper and lower bodies clad in armors now. ^^

The shield's mount latch is adjusted so that the former can be mounted to the Gundam's left arm. The supporting handle is right in place for the left hand to grab it. ^^

Impulse Gundam done.
The shield is made sure to be staying in its retracted form.

Closer look at the details:

Saving the rest of the details till the "completely" completed form (XD) with Force Silhouette pack attached:

The Force Silhouette pack.

After adjusting the beam sabers upward, the small mount racks can be pushed inward into the body to lock the weapon's position.

The rear binders' are tilted downward together with their joints.

Very long wings and binders make the add-on look way bigger than it actually is.

Force Silhouette pack is mounted to two designated slots on the back of Impulse Gundam.

Force Impulse Gundam done.
Equipped with "Excalibur" anti-ship sword this time; the shield is expanded as well. ^^

Closer look at the details:

With the wings retracted:

Even though the form with the wings retracted is how the completed kit was shown on the back of the manual - it's the only way to get most of the wings to fit into that picture no doubt, XD I like how the wings seem exaggeratedly long behind the Gundam. ^^ They look fitting with the completed kit's image of being slim, sharp and sleek.

Done with the introducing the different components of Force Impulse Gundam in the few previous postings, and the completed Gundam form in this one, it's going to be all action poses from this MG in the next posting. ^^

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