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HCM-Pro Arios Archer Set Part 6 [Final]

A support unit for a support unit

After the introduction yesterday, a look at the few interesting "applications" of HCM-Pro GN Archer in this last posting of the review series. ^^

Displayed as individual unit with Arios Gundam in Gundam mode.

Displayed as individual unit with Arios Gundam in MA mode.

Somewhat pathetic actually (on my part), despite the title of this review series, this is the first time the two units are featured together. ^^;

A look at the configuration for Arios Archer:

The nose unit must be removed first.
Also shown is the dedicated attachment part to connect GN Archer to Arios Gundam.

The attachment part's tail is hooked onto the interior of the nose unit.
The attachment part is designed to completely match the nose unit's outline. ^^

The nose is reattached onto GN Archer.

The only adjustment needed for Arios Gundam is the lowering of its tail unit.

The gripper-like mount rack on GN Archer's connector part is attached to Arios Gundam's GN Drive to complete the simple docking sequence.

And finally, the completed HCM-Pro Arios Archer: ^^

Overall length of the combined figure is about 24cm.

A little bit of docking sequence for Arios Gundam's display stand with a new extension part in order to mount the combined figure. ^^

The "extended" mount rack on the display stand.

The areas on the combined figure that the mount racks connect to are the same as when it's separated: ...

... abdomen and groin for Arios Gundam, and waist for GN Archer.
As a matter of fact, the new extension part's clip is exactly the same as that on GN Archer's own display stand mentioned in the previous posting. It obviously clips to the same area on GN Archer as well.
The accurate match between the mount racks and the figures is just as brilliant as the flexibility and resourcefulness of the stand itself. ^^

Arios Archer on display stand.

Closer look at the details.

Obviously the fun of GN Archer doesn't just end with Arios Gundam. As shown in the leaflet included with the package, the binder segment can combine with 00 Gundam from the same product line. This is an original design feature of GN Archer, one that wasn't shown in the anime, most likely because there was no such function meant for this support unit in the first place. ^^; The High Grade version of GN Archer comes with this special feature as well, and the configuration is very much the same too. ^^

With HCM-Pro 00 Gundam.

The replacement part for 00 Gundam's backpack that is included with O Raiser will be needed for the configuration.

(Left) The extra attachment part to be used.
(Right) The protruding point of the attachment part is actually the same as that on GN Archer. ^^ Looking at the two slots to mount onto 00 Gundam's backpack as well, the extra part is truly a design that exists solely for merchandising purpose ^^

The attachment part connects the binders to 00 Gundam backpack.

00 Gundam with GN Archer's binders completed. ^^

I'm not too fond of this special configuration really. The orange-ish red binders don't really match 00 Gundam's color scheme of white and blue very well. ^^; In terms of playability, the binders that are hanging behind the shoulder limit the Twin Drive's ability to flip backward. ^^; While there are still a lot of action possible with 00 Gundam with that limitation, it's not exactly desirable when you know it could do so much more without the binders. ^^

I suppose the point I'm trying to make is, the compatibility between the binders and 00 Gundam is a feature that is "just there". ^^; It's not very impressive.

GN Archer is also compatible with O Raiser, and this is a feature that isn't available on the High Grade version. ^^

The last of the three attachment parts mentioned in the previous posting is needed for this configuration.

A few components on the two figures need to be detached first.
Unlike the combination with 00 Gundam shown earlier on, GN Archer can dock with O Raiser in its entirety. ^^

O Raiser's tail unit is flipped downward first to allow the attachment part to connect to the two slots that are used to dock onto 00 Gundam.

The attachment part's tail is hooked onto the interior of the nose unit.

The nose is reattached onto GN Archer.

O Raiser's wing binder is attached to the side of GN Archer.

O Raiser with GN Archer's binders completed. ^^

Closer look at the various details.

It's a support unit for a support unit. ^^

Jokes aside, the combination has a nice appeal to its look in my opinion. ^^ It's quite obvious that there are two mecha units in this combo, but they look pretty cohesive as a single unit too. There are a lot of "spikes" and "blades" that seem to be thrusting forward, so it has a fierce look in its overall display. It would be even more awesome if 00 Gundam's spike shield can be mounted onto the binders, but that's a feature that isn't available on O Raiser unfortunately. ^^; On top of that, I really like how the two sensor units are being stacked on top of each other. It's hard to imagine who's controlling who in this combination. ^^

The coverage on GN Archer's different configuration gimmicks wrap up this pretty long review on HCM-Pro Arios Archer set. ^^; As a summary, HCM-Pro Arios Gundam is a superb design with rich details for display, extensive articulation and gimmicks for playability, and firmness in transformation. GN Archer is a bit disappointing since the MS portion of it isn't transformable. Its own display isn't very impressive in my opinion, but the docking abilities with Arios Gundam and O Raiser respectively are very well designed and fun to play with. The bargain price I paid for it along with 00 Gundam with O Raiser, Cherudim Gundam and Seravee Gundam last year was a very nice deal. ^^

The hyper flexible display base is something worth mentioning as well.

Last but not least, something rather trivia about this HCM-Pro set that I have to try out after mentioning about it in the introductory posting. ^^

The "container" on the left hand side of the tray is enough not just for storing GN Archer, Arios Gundam in MA mode can fit in with no problem at all. You can see that there's no stress mark on the clear cover above the container at all. ^^ Should I see that as the container being very big? or HCM-Pro figures are really small? XD

Or maybe both XD

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