Friday, November 11, 2011

HG 1/144 Gafran Part 5

Talk to the hand!

Having fun with the action poses of HG 1/144 Gafran that was just completed in the previous posting. ^^

There's no beam saber part included with this kit, but the beam vulcan is compatible with beam saber from HG kits. The one shown here is from HGUC Marasai.

Mounting the kit onto Action Display Base 2.

The flexible shoulder blocks are really useful for Gafran to be displayed with some nice forward-charging poses. ^^

Using the closed fist type option left hand there.

The beam rifle can be turned to the left side of the body to be posed with Gafran's left arm.

Overall very nice poses from this kit, which is a little "unexpected" for me to be honest. ^^ Initially, I was a bit worried that the side skirt armors (the wings) are going to get in the way of the legs in certain poses, but even without much adjustment, there's plenty of room for the legs to move around, so posing them is very easy. ^^ For more "dramatic" poses, the side skirt armors can be repositioned very easily for the legs' movement anyway, but using a display base in such poses is very important, because the little feet of Gafran is quite weak in supporting the kit when the balance is tilted.

Anyhow, it's a very good surprise, which I appreciate very much. ^^

On the flip side, the spread palm that contains Gafran's beam vulcan and beam saber looks kind of dull after a while. ^^; Understandably so though, since the fingers (claws to be exact) are not movable. Hopefully the Master Grade version that was announced for April next year at the recent Gunpla Expo 2011 will have more versatile design for the hand units, and more weapon parts as well. ^^

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