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Gashapon MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 Part 6 [Final]

Captain Ramius

Sticking in one more final posting on a review series into this month's roster. ^^ I didn't bother about the statistic at the moment, but November would probably be the month featuring the most "[Final]" tags for the postings I did. ^^

Anyhow, this item is like something hanging on the list just waiting for its turn to come out so that the entire review series could be concluded. ^^; This is Captain Ramius from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines gashapon set. ^^

A little bit of assembly required, as the figurine is being separated into a few parts.

The second captain in this gashapon set, Captain Ramius's design is pretty consistent with that of Captain Gladys. The display base to hold the figurine is a chair, which allows her to pose as the captain of Archangel in "Gundam SEED Destiny". Like all the other previously reviewed figurines in this gashapon set, the sculpture, paint work and design details are brilliant. ^^ Captain Ramius is shown wearing the Orb uniform, which is pretty good looking. I prefer the white version she wore back in "Gundam SEED" though. Its simplicity in design and lack of color is its beauty. ^^

More closeups on the figure:

Like all the five previously reviewed figurines in this set, the head is movable.

It's Captain Ramius with a serious and somewhat worried look it seems. ^^ Considering how she has an "invincible" pilot and a whole gang of crazily powerful MSs under her command, I don't see where her worries are coming from really. XD

Like Cagalli, there's no option part included for Captain Ramius. ^^; For the former, you can at least remove her long dress for an "alternate" display form. ^o^ Unfortunately for this Ramius, the limited neck articulation is the "at least" feature. ^^;

Maybe the lack of features is the source of her worries. XD

Paired with Captain Gladys:

A gathering of the two captains. Very nice. ^^

In my opinion, the rivalry between Archangel and Minerva in "Gundam SEED Destiny" wasn't as engaging as Archangel versus Dominion in its predecessor show. One of the most obvious reasons for me is not liking how the Archangel corps would rise again to fight the world. I always like the firmness and strength of Captain Gladys at the beginning of the anime, but when the fight turned into Minerva the ZAFT ship versus Archangel the renegade ship halfway through the show, I think Captain Gladys was pretty much stuck in the same situation as Captain Natarle Badgiruel of Dominion from "Gundam SEED". Against a side that is always right in the story, a ship that cannot be defeated, I really didn't have to wait till the last episode to know who was going to prevail. ^^; With this kind of story setting, even Captain Gladys had to go. ^^;

Then again, as mentioned before, I blame the scripts for such a repetition of storyline between the two shows, and poor portrayal of characters that had so much potential to be awesome and fun to watch.

At least in this gashapon set, Captain Gladys wins with her smile and confident-looking sitting pose. ^^

A gathering of all six figurines as the last bit of this review series:

A very beautiful gashapon set this is. ^^ I pretty much treated each item in the set as a small figurine, hence all the separated posting about them. The craftsmanship and paint work on each figurine is very delicate and detailed. Apart from close resemblance of the characters from the show, their expressions look pretty genuine as well - Captain Gladys's confidence, Lunamaria Type B's anger and Cagalli's happiness for examples. Originally I was just looking for the two captains and Lunamaria from this particular set, but I'm glad that I bought all six. This is a very nice gashapon set to have. ^^

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