Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nanoblock Kinkaku-ji Part 2 [Final]

Two-brick difficulty indeed

Assembly of Nanoblock Kinkaku-ji after the introduction last night: ^^

Starting with the base:

Various bricks of different sizes and shapes but all with the same color for the tiles and foundation of the building.

Stacking up multiple layers of bricks to form the different floors of the temple.

Assembling the uppermost floors and rooftop:

The uppermost floor.

The roof.

A small Phoenix statue completes the roof. ^^

The final touch:

Placing the uppermost floor and rooftop onto the main building.

Two very small trees to be place behind the building and on the islet in front of it. ^^

And all is done for KInkaku-ji. ^^

As you can see, the build is very simple really. ^^ It started with building up the temple building layer by layer on the large clear blue base, and completed by the placement of the roof (assembled separately) onto the main building. It's very much like Maneki Neko, which started with the base and body, completed with the head which was done separately. ^^

Two bricks for Maneki Neko's difficulty level, two bricks for Kinkaku-ji is well justified too. ^^ The number of parts involved in the assembly is a lot more than the former, but it's still a very simple build. ^^

Closer look at the details:

A very fun model to build this is. The large number of parts might seem a bit intimidating at first, but after the first layer on the base, the whole process didn't seem as complicated I imagined it so before the work - not even close! XD It was such a fun experience putting all the pieces together, comparing the placement of the parts with the instruction sheet back and forth, listening to some of my favorite music at the same time, and before I knew it, it was done. ^^ That's perhaps another difference with Lego sets in my opinion. With Lego sets, especially large one like Lego Creator No. 4997 Transport Ferry I did some time ago, not only are the parts abundant, their shapes and colors are so diverse you have to spend half the time searching for the right one before you get to proceed. ^^ Not that it's a bad thing as I noted over and over again, but you really can't do that for an extensive period of time. ^^; Lego Creator Transport Ferry for example, I couldn't try out the different forms of that set in one go, not that I didn't want to, but I couldn't imagine how long it would take to do so, ^^; or how fast I would be getting fatigue from that. ^^;

This Nanoblock Kinkaku-ji on the other hand, is still relatively simple to assemble despite the large part number - still quite a small number as compared to Lego Creator Transport Ferry, but the point is, it's just a repetition of steps in getting all the pieces together to form the structure. The parts are small, so they are easy to locate and differentiate, with that, you get to enjoy the process of assembling the model more. ^^

Beauty in simplicity I suppose. ^^

Quite a lot of leftover pieces.
As with my observation from Maneki Neko, it seems that every type of brick have one or two spare pieces.

It's of course much larger than the cat, but is still a very compact model nonetheless. ^^

Will be trying on Kaminarimon next. It's the only "four-star general" (four bricks for its difficulty level) among the three I bought. XD How difficult it is as compared to Maneki Neko and Kinkaku-ji is highly anticipatable. ^^

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