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MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 23 [Final]

The last of the Four

The last posting for this very long review on MG Force Impulse Gundam already.

After the display of all separate components with their transformation, the docking sequence to form Impulse Gundam, the Gundam itself with or without Force Silhouette pack and all of its weapons in previous postings, what more can be said about this kit? ^^

There's still one more gimmick yet to make its appearance, one extra component that is definitely the biggest wildcard included with this kit in my opinion. ^^ But in before introducing that special add-on, a look at the most basic design of Impulse Gundam's docking feature first:

All is normal and functional with Impulse Gundam ...

... even though there's no Core Splendor attached.

No problem when the Force Silhouette pack is attached to the back of the Gundam as well. The former doesn't have any connection to Core Splendor at all. ^^

In terms of mecha design, the "ability" to exclude Core Splendor from the Gundam would mean that the latter is going to be dysfunctional. When there's no control unit, how could the machine work? In terms of Gunpla design however, which is what this kit is about, such "ability" works well in allowing the model to perform various action poses without being restricted by its core unit, and that's a good thing really. ^^

Come to think of it, having minimal appearance of Core Splendor in front of the model is a unique "advantage" to its Gunpla design. With the nose of Core Splendor well hidden inside the chest, there's almost no significant change to the Gundam's appearance with or without it docked inside the body. In a way because of that, the three initial Gunpla releases of Force Impulse Gundam when "Gundam SEED Destiny" came out, namely the 1/60 scale, 1/100 scale and HG 1/144 scale kits didn't do a good job in the design of Core Splendor in my opinion. All the said kits have really small Core Splendor, almost disproportionately small as compared to the Gundam itself. ^^; I think the rationale to do that was to keep the fighter unit as small as possible to hide it inside the Gundam's body. As a result, Impulse Gundam from the three said kits looks good, but when the three components are separated, Core Splendor looks like something that is included just for the transformation and docking gimmick.

In terms of practicality, Core Splendor is indeed optional for this MG kit, ^^ as shown in the images above, but the precision in part design and excessive details, consistent with it being in the MG series make it bigger and look way more credible as a little fighter that can actually do something on its own. XD

I'm not someone who is very particular about the design being accurate to its mecha setting, and seeing how Core Splendor's design doesn't affect the articulation of the kit, I welcome it. ^^ MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0, which is my pick as the best release in the series has this sort of treatment for its Core Fighter as well. ^^

Anyway, taking advantage of the void behind the back when Core Splendor is removed, a bonus adapter allows Impulse Gundam to hijack many other backpack systems from previous "Gundam SEED" and "Gundam SEED Destiny" Gunplas of the same scale. ^^

The backpack adapter that was completed in Part 14.

Apart from the two slots that are meant for Force Silhouette pack, there's a slot right in the center of the chest to accept the adapter.

The whole adapter blends in with the Gundam's design so well it's almost hard to tell that it's a "fake" add-on purely for Gunpla gimmick. ^^

There's of course no issue with the Gundam's articulation when the add-on is used.

A very rough comparison with Strike Gundam's back.
The connection is too obvious to be missed eh? ^^

The adapter is obviously meant for more than just superficial display. ^^

Trying it out with two Strike packs in my collection

With Aile Striker pack from MG Aile Strike Gundam.

With its overall color scheme so close to Force Silhouette pack, Impulse Gundam can really get away with this stolen "new" backpack XD

With Noir Striker pack from MG Strike Noir Gundam.

Not the most suitable backpack for Impulse Gundam it seems. ^^;

These are the only two backpacks from my collection that I can try on Impulse Gundam actually, but looking at the manual and other previous reviews on this kit, you can also get the IWSP from MG Strike Gundam IWSP, Sword and Launcher packs from MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam and even the two backpacks from 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam to be mounted onto the backpack adapter part. It's a very versatile add-on, since together with the different backpacks, you can also configure different weapons for the Gundam itself, for example have it use the gatling shield from IWSP, or the beam blades from Noir Striker pack. ^^

A closer comparison with its predecessor, Strike Gundam: ^^

Front view.

Right side view.

Left side view

Rear view.

It's not just a comparison for mecha design and proportion, but level of details too. ^^ Without any markings, Impulse Gundam looks just as detailed for all its armors as Strike Gundam, which was completed with all the decals and clear stickers applied.

For me, it's still pretty obvious to see the similarity between Strike Gundam in MG version with its anime design counterpart. Its Perfect Grade version is the real complete redesigned version. ^^ For Impulse Gundam on the other hand, its image is totally different on and off screen. ^^ Looking at its "colorful" design, it's very difficult to imagine it as a fierce-looking mecha, but all the sharp elements (literally and figuratively so) totally revamp its image. While I don't really like the Gundam itself, I really like this kit. ^^

A gathering of various items in my collection that have some connection with this MG. ^^

With its BB Senshi equivalence. ^^
Even in its deformed scale, you can tell that the design is based heavily on Impulse Gundam's image from the anime. I'm glad that the head was redesigned for the MG version to up the fierce look. ^^

Core Splendors from two different worlds XD

With Lunamaria Hawke A from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 gashapon set.
Got to have her somewhere in the final posting of this review series since the pilot figure of the kit was "customized" into her. ^o^

With Lunamaria from HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol. Gundam SEED Destiny (yet to be reviewed).

Assembly of the three final "bosses" of ZAFT from the anime XD

With MG Destiny Gundam.

Comparison of the two anti-ship swords.

I like Destiny Gundam's anti-ship sword "Arondight" better for its more dynamic shape and gimmicks, ^^ but "Excalibur" has a crazy sharp tip. ^^

The ability of "Arondight" to be folded is of course not available for "Excalibur" ^^

1/100 Legend Gundam gets to use "Excalibur" too. This is one of scenes from the anime if I remember correctly.

The bearers of huge backpacks that take up too much space in display ^^;

And so ends this very long review for MG Force Impulse Gundam, fittingly so in my opinion, since it has the same level of crazy details as other MG releases from "Gundam SEED Destiny", but much more gimmicks to display at the same time. Actually, in terms of details, it's actually more since its ability to transform into different components means it has plenty of details not shown in its Gundam form. ^^

As shown in earlier postings in this review series, there are a lot of parts that require paint work to be accurate to the color scheme, but the level of completion and details really make all the work worthwhile. Tons of paint work for the Core Splendor alone, but all the colors can be seen clearly as the fighter can be displayed separately. The sense of achievement is great. ^^

Back to the previous point, this review is pretty significant to me as Force Impulse Gundam is the last of the four MGs I started in May to be completed and reviewed. ^^ Four MGs a year may be a tiny number for other modelers, but it's quite a feat for me personally. ^^ I used to be able to do so back in my younger years, since I didn't have to work and I didn't put that much effort into panel lining and painting my kits. Things have changed a great deal since then. To be able to document the entire work progress of four MGs and get them assembled in quite a short time (six months) is very good for me. ^^

Still, it's not like 2011 is done already. XD I hope I can get the pink fat dude done before new year comes. XD

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