Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nanoblocks Get

Honey, I shrunk the toy blocks

Many moons ago when I started to get back in Lego, a friend of mine had recommended me to try the Nanoblock series, or "Lego sets for Japanese home" as he called it. XD

Produced by Kawada, Nanoblock claims to be the world's smallest (toy) block ("世界最小級ブロック"), with the smallest piece being 4 by 4mm in size - smaller than the fingernail of my baby finger. ^^ Back then it doesn't seem all interesting to me though, since technically, it's sets of building blocks like Lego anyway. Since it was Lego which got me into this hobby, I might as well stick with it, especially when there are always new releases from that series, which I have no problem obtaining.

Recently, a few Nanoblock releases made available on a local online hobby store I frequently visit really caught my attention. ^^ Based on popular Japanese historical landmarks Kaminarimon and Kinkaku-ji, I find their designs amazingly interesting and appealing. ^^ Even in such a small scale, their resemblance of the actual buildings is very impressive. ^^ I ended up getting both sets (1,554 Yen inclusive of tax each), together with a even smaller set - everyone's favorite icon Maneki Neko (888 Yen inclusive of tax). ^^

When all three sets arrived, the small size of the package sort of "justifies" the product's claim as mentioned earlier on. ^^

Even for Kaminarimon, which has over 450 parts, its box size is comparable with that of a S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii figure. ^^

I can already see how small the different bricks are from the little window at the box's bottom left corner, but exactly how small the completed items are going to be, I shall try them out soon to find out. ^^

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Anonymous said...

I own a Kinkaku-ji and a Tokyo Tower nanoblock set. I really really like them both, and I had a fun time building them. I hope you have a fun time too!