Saturday, November 12, 2011

HG 1/144 Gafran Part 6 [Final]

It's dragon time

Transformation of HG 1/144 Gafran to its Flight Mode will mark the end of this Gunpla review series.

I suppose you can call it a complete transformation, since no part-swapping is required at all except for the hand units. If the hand unit on the MS mode is the closed fist type, then it has to be swapped with the spread palm type first, but since I rarely use the former, there's no need for this extra step. ^^

The transformation sequence shown here is pretty much straight out of the manual, although the sequence is not exactly the same. Some simple steps may seem to be made more complicated than what they actually were. ^^;

The arm is flipped outward first.

Both arms are then flipped to the front via the shoulder blocks.

Adjustment of the hand units so that the palms face downward.

The joint of the tail/beam rifle is extended.

The tail is adjusted downward so that it's completely extended on the back.

Transformation of the leg is next.

The front portion of the foot is flipped anticlockwise to form a pair of claws.
However, if the foot is posed straight, the claw will hit the leg armor and unable to move out. ^^;
Unfortunately, the ankle can't bend to the back to create room for the transformation.

The foot can be angled slightly to its side to create just the right amount of space for the claws to squeeze through. ^^

Zeta Gundam-like bend for the knee joint.

Done for the legs' transformation.

The side skirt armor is expanded to form Gafran's wing. The top piece can be adjusted to the front to give the wing a more natural look.

Rear view of the fully expanded pair of wings.
The joints that connect the wings to the spine can be adjusted as well, in case the spiky vents start to get in the way of the helmet.

Transformation of the head: (1) the mini-wings (XD) behind the head is lifted upward and expanded, (2) the chin is flipped downward.

(Left) Top view of the transformed head.
(Right) Utilizing the multiple neck joints (as mentioned in Part 3, the head is tilted upward so that it seems forward-charging.

All done for Gafran's Flight Mode transformation. ^^

As its name implies, it's mounted to Action Display Base 2 to show it soaring in mid-air. ^^

Action poses are of course possible for Gafran in Flight Mode, but I'm not very sure what sort of action that would look good with it. XD

Can be posed on ground as well.
With greater stability than its MS form too, since the kit can now be supported by four legs instead of two (duh~ XD)

What I really love about Gafran's Flight Mode are its wings and tail. When fully expanded, they look massive, which helps to create a more "credible" image of it being some sort of a flying beast.

Still, I think I prefer Gafran in MS mode better. ^^

Box art image, although it's impossible to show the right hand grabbing the beam rifle.

Comparison with an average-sized MS design, 00 Gundam in this example.

Gafran may seem proportionately bigger, but the size is mostly from its folded wings and tail, which aren't very compact.

Extra-large head for Gafran in comparison with 00 Gundam ...

... versus very thin legs. ^^;

Unique is the best word to describe Gafran's design I suppose. ^^

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Chris said...

Now you only need the Savior! lol
Speaking of Savior, Savior Gundam also uses that kind of Zeta-like leg bend.

Johnathan Li said...

Quite nice work, but Gafran will look simple compared to HG Danazine which has been released.