Thursday, November 17, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 17

Leg Flyer

Entering the last stage of Master Grade Force Impulse Gundam's assembly. ^^

The inner frame is separated to ease the armors' assembly.

Armor parts of the arms.
Minimal separation of parts just like Infinite Justice Gundam. ^^

Done for the arms.

Articulation range of the elbow and wrist is not affected by the new armors at all.

The two sets of hydraulic pipes are still visible when the elbows are bent.

Parts of the shoulder armors.

Details inside the armors that were painted in Part 10. ^^

The gray connector part has its own bunch of details for display.

Done for the shoulder armors.

The painted and panel lined details inside the armors are not obvious to be spotted after the assembly.

Armor parts for the right leg.

Panel lined details behind some of the parts done in Part 8.

To put on the armor, the knee needs to be bent first, so the knee is pulled upward to give room for the leg armor's top portion to go in.

Putting on the blue and white armor parts to cover up the pretty significant pipe details.
Everything fit together so accurately it's hard to detect any seam line between the armors. ^^

Done for the right leg. ^^

A look at the knee articulation.

While the inner frame details are no longer visible, some very interesting exterior details are great to look at as well, the segment between the knee armors' split that was painted in Part 8 shown in the images above for example.

The near-90 degree bend for the front portion of the foot as mentioned in Part 14.

The thruster on the calf is movable.

Somewhat limited horizontal bend for the leg, which shows the limitation of the ankle joint.
The separated hip joint should be helpful in allowing more flexibility for this action.

Armor parts for the left leg.

Major components before the final assembly.

Done for the left leg.

Overall articulation design for the left leg, which is exactly the same as the right leg.

Both legs are no done.

Armor parts for the waist.

Very extensive details behind all skirt armor parts.

The white paint allows the light blue part's pins to "blend in" with the white armor part. ^^

Major components of the waist before the final assembly.

Just like MG Strike Gundam, the side skirt armors have compartments to store Impulse Gundam's combat knives.

The hatch has a dedicated slot for "Folding Razor" to be stored and everything fit very nicely. The hatch can be closed with ease, and very tightly with the knife inside. ^^

You can see that the width and length of the knife is almost exactly the same as the hatch's size. The pinpoint accuracy in part design to realize this feature is really crazy. O_O

The waist is completed.

Details beneath the entire waist.

With the legs done just a moment ago.

The lower body is completed.

Kneeling pose.

The beam rifle can be mounted to the back of the waist via a dedicated slot.

Completion of the lower body also means that it's possible to show Leg Flyer in its completeness now. ^^ A bit of transformation is needed to configure that mecha.

The tab on the spine is tilted forward.

The leg with its knee is bent upward for 90 degrees, ...

... then downward and to the back.
The front portion of the foot is bent to the back as well.

With both legs transformed.
You could say that the configuration is "reversed Zeta Gundam" XD

With the knee armor lifted after the transformation, two slots beneath them that are meant for the landing gears are revealed.

Two landing slides for the knee, and one landing gear that forms the third slide using the cap above the groin.

Leg Flyer completed.

Closer look at the details.

A dedicated connector part is included to mount Leg Flyer to Action Base 1.

Completion of the upper body - Chest Flyer will be next. ^^

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Kashparrot said...

he he... I'm working on the same model right now, except it's the sword impulse gundam ^o^ and I'm modding the hell out of it.
Nice job as always with the detailing, I know you like to make your models as accurately as possible.