Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hot Toys' Samurai Predator

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The official poster of the figure released by Hot Toys today pretty much confirmed the release of Samurai Predator, the collaborative project between the company and two renowned figure artists initiated . While it's still a fixed figure - very much the same one on display at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong (ACGHK) 2011), the design is still very crazy nonetheless. ^^

I was aware of Hot Toys' collaborative project with Takayuki Takeya (竹谷隆之) and Yuji Oniki (鬼木裕二) in creating a Samurai-themed Predator figure a few months ago - before end of July I'm pretty sure, since the news was supposedly a teaser before ACGHK 2011, which was held between July 29th and August 8th.

I was very excited about the announcement because I always like the design of the Predator from its movie franchise. Some of the movies were pretty bad, but the designs of those alien hunters remained awesome as ever. ^^ With Takayuki Takeya who is well known for his work in Tamashii Nation's S.I.C. series in charge of the design, Yuji Oniki who did tons of Alien-related figures in the past as the sculptor, plus Hot Toys producing it, very much with the stamp of great attention to quality and details, I was pretty sure that the outcome is going to be great right from the start. ^^

When the finished figure of Samurai Predator was indeed put on display at ACGHK 2011, the outcome is unbelievably beautiful.

While the bio-mask and shoulder cannon can be related to the design of the Predator very easily, the Samurai feel of the armors and weapons is there too. The blend between a character from a sci-fi movie franchise, from the West some more, and ancient oriental design is quite strange to say the least, but it's absolutely well done on this figure I say. ^^ However, I'm disappointed that it turned out to be a fixed figure instead. ^^; I was hoping that it would be a 1/6 scale action figure instead. ^^;

Coverage of the collaborative project from Figure-Oh No. 166 that was just released yesterday.

Hopefully an action figure version is under development as well. ^^

Official poster is from Hot Toys Community's Facebook page, images of Samurai Predator from ACGHK 2011 are from The Dawn Corn Yahoo! Blog, magazine scans are from Hot Toys' Facebook page,


Mark said...

That's not fixed-pose, that actually is the 1/6 action figure.!prettyPhoto[product_gallery]/15/

Mark said...

Sorry, that's not exactly the link I meant to post, but it still puts you in the right place.