Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hot Toys' Samurai Predator on the List

杀!... ... ... ...

I'm thrilled to be wrong about Hot Toys' Samurai Predator being a fixed pose figure all this while. ^^;

As it turns out, this is a 1/6 scale action figure with over 22 points of articulation - exactly the same "stats" as several other Predator figures from the company (example: Classic Predator, Tracker, Falconer, or the even older "Wolf"). Then again, with such brilliant design and elaborate details, there's no need for all 22 points to be used for it to look great. ^^ My experience with Hot Toys' "Ironman 2" War Machine and Jill Valentine (B.S.A.A. Version) tells me to not be bothered about the limited articulation feature at all. ^^

And from the official images shown, articulation is really not the strength of this figure. ^^; Personally, I'm content with it having some limited action poses to configure so that it won't be confined in only one fixed form.

Having said that, this Samurai Predator is already on my list of goodies to come in next year. ^^ Much like Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Alice from "Resident Evil: Afterlife", this is another action figure from Hot Toys that I pre-ordered the moment it was made available in Malaysia. ^^

I'm also glad that the huge Alien diorama base as seen at ACGHK 2011 is replaced by a much smaller version that still has a slain "giant serpent" (from "AVP"). The essence of "the trophy" is captured pretty well in that smaller design nonetheless, so I absolutely welcome it. ^^

June release, 35,000 Yen.

定力太差, 又一次不敌诱惑, 此乃年底大出(铁)血也! ^^;

Images are from Hot Toys' Facebook page.

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