Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/100 Zaku Warrior Blaze Wizard & Gunner Wizard Part 4

All the little black and white stuff

As mentioned in the previous posting, the work on 1/100 Zaku Warrior now shifts to the main model itself. ^^ Most of the parts are simpler to work with, as compared to those from Blaze and Gunner Wizard packs. There are still a couple of them which are pretty troublesome to paint though. ^^;

Simple panel lining for the beam rifle parts.

Molded entirely in black but supposedly white in color, the little "dot" beneath the rifle's barrel is a deceptively simple part. ^^;
Deceptive as in, even though it's small, how is it supposed to be held for paint to be applied? ^^;

A bit of double-sided tape on a paper clip should be a nice support for the part to be painted, one single side at a time.
A lot of patience is needed, since the paint work isn't going to get done easily. ^^; While it's small, it's still a black part, and multiple layers of white paint is needed to cover up the base color.

Painted using Gundam Marker White.

When the opposite face is done, the part is reversed and painted.
A bit of panel lines is added when the paint has dried.

The "blade" portion of the beam tomahawk's little hook needs to be painted white as well.

The little toothbrush bit of the hook is chipped off using nippers first.

There's no line on the part that separates between the black and white areas, so it's just cruising of Gundam Marker White's flat tip on the slope of the hook, with hope that no major "deviation" on the "track" happens XD

Painted both faces of the hook, as well as the part's top and bottom sides.

Simple panel lining for the beam tomahawk's other parts and spare magazine pieces.

Panel lining for the shield's parts.

Couldn't help myself but to try and assemble the parts to see how the spikes would look like when assembled. ^^

Painted the wrist area black using normal black marker.

Painted the interior of the upper arm black as well so that that component won't look all the same as the armor in terms of its color.

Panel lining for the other parts.

Repetition of all the paint and panel line work for the left arm's parts.

Simple panel lining for the waist parts.

While the line details inside the skirt armors' vents are very intricate, they are just too small to really be noticed. ^^; I think I'll paint the whole thing black then.

Painted black for the vents using normal black marker.

Same thing for the rear skirt armors' vents as well.

Just panel lining for the four grenades. Looking at the large slots on the parts, and the fact that there's no suitable hand unit included to actually hold them, the weapons seem to be purely "decorative" and aren't meant to be removed from the skirt armors, so just foil stickers for them then. ^^

Even with the missile pods from Blaze Wizard and the cannon's main body from Gunner Wizard all done, there are still some troublesome parts from this kit that could pose some hard moments every now and then. ^^; Then again, it's a fierce-looking Zaku kit, so what can I say? ^^ For that awesome look and details, all the trouble is well worth it. ^^

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