Monday, January 9, 2012

HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam Part 5

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome ..."

A look at HCM-Pro Seraphim Gundam this time after focusing on its "carrier" in the past few postings. ^^

The transformation gimmick was already shown in Part 2 of this review series, so I won't be repeating that here.

Closeups on the various details:

A palm-sized Gundam figure it is. ^^

Size comparison with Seravee Gundam.

Just like its predecessor Gundam Nadleeh, Seraphim Gundam is thinner and smaller than Seravee Gundam, despite its design of being the latter's backpack - mounted outside the Gundam's body where there's no need for it to be concealed. I actually don't mind Seraphim Gundam being bigger than this current design, which would then mean there's a bigger backpack for Seravee Gundam. ^^ Then again, I suppose Seraphim Gundam's folded legs is already hitting the size limit for the backpack mode. If the legs get any bigger, the secret would be unveiled the moment the main Gundam's line art is shown. ^^;

In HCM-Pro's 1/200 scale, Seraphim Gundam's small size seems even more obvious. ^^ Definitely no rank as far as fearsome image is concerned, but its small size really magnified the awesome details, paint work and articulation engineered into that little fella. ^^ It's even more awesome considering that it's a transformable figure. Some part-swapping is required yes, as shown in Part 2, but that doesn't diminish the overall quality of it. ^^

A look at Seraphim Gundam's articulation design:

Standard articulation design for the head.
As shown in Part 2, even though the neck joint is linked to its backpack, with the latter tabbed to the red GN Condenser on the back, the neck joint is now dedicated to the head's movement.

About the same level of articulation for the shoulder and elbow as Seravee Gundam.

Since the hand needs to be detached to show the arm as GN Cannon, there's neither a separated block nor wrist joint for this figure.

All four hand units for Seraphim Gundam.
The metallic green paint on the back of the hands is very well done. ^^

Vertical articulation for the waist.

The side skirt armor can be lifted.

Despite using ball-type joints for the hip joints just like Seravee Gundam, the legs can be expanded for a much wider angle than its carrier.

180-degree bend for the knee joint.
Part of the reason for this design must be attributed to the transformation gimmick no doubt.

Ball-type joint for the ankle and the foot's front portion which can flip downward are already shown in Part 2.

"Surprisingly", this smaller figure with lesser armor parts doesn't kneel as well as its larger and bulkier carrier. ^^;

Long legs but rather short thighs that don't have enough clearing from the front skirt armors to bend upward more are obvious reasons for the poor kneeling pose. ^^;

The same clip that holds Seravee Gundam to the display stand included is compatible with this figure as well.

The option spread palms with sharp fingers really help to project Seraphim Gundam's agile feel, ^^ while the closed fist for holding weapons allows it to have a share of Seravee Gundam's firepower by able to hold GN Bazooka II. ^^ The transformation gimmick designed on the figure gives it a lot of potential as well, as the arms can be transformed into GN Cannon for Seraphim Gundam to "cosplay" as Rockman (XD) and the inherited super-flexible leg articulation. ^^

Small as it is, I don't see it being anyhow lower or poorer than Seravee Gundam in terms of playability. ^^ It's very cool. ^^

More action poses of Seraphim Gundam and Seravee Gundam in the last posting for this HCM-Pro set. ^^

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