Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny Part 7 [Final]

Time to lose control

A few more images of BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny before introducing his "Berserker" mode. ^^

Mugenbine-like versatility in configuration allows you to come up with new forms for Bacho Blue Destiny's weapons.
It would be a level-up for the weapons if you get more than one of this BB Senshi Sangokuden kit. ^^

Configuration for the "Berserker" mode:

The large dragon head armor, shield (獸牙盾) with wings and small dragon ornament fixed on Shiryuu Gokurensou (獅龍極煉槍) combo spear are removed first.

The shoulder armors are lifted upward.

The top sensor with three hair pieces mounted is detached, revealing the knob to rotate the eye expression.

A 180-degree (must be exact) turn of the knob converts the normal eye expression to a red and pupil-less area to show off Bacho Blue Destiny's maximum rage! ^^

The large dragon armor is slide and snapped onto the headgear.

The large add-on makes it kind of hard to see the eyes there. ^^;

The hair pieces are lifted upward for a slight degree.

The small dragon head piece is tabbed onto the chest plate.

The shield with expanded wings is mounted onto the backpack is the last step in the configuration. ^^

And all done for Bacho Blue Destiny in "Berserker" mode. ^^ Even though Shiryuu Gokurensou is now dismantled for the dragon head piece, shield and wing parts to go onto Bacho Blue Destiny's main body, three other weapons that the kit can wield: spear (龍凜槍), sword (獅青刀) and blade (龍甲刀) are still more than enough to portray his anger. ^^

More images of the completed model:


Action poses of Bacho Blue Destiny in "Berserker" mode:

With the shoulder armors lifted, there's now just enough room for the shield (detached from the backpack) to be mounted onto the forearm - something not possible with the normal armored version shown in the previous posting.

Riding on Shiryuu Gokurensou with the help of Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

With a display stand, the posability of the kit is better, since the feet are no longer confined by the surface they are standing on. Then again, the improvement is just a little bit better than nothing, since the joints inside for the legs and feet are so limited anyway. ^^;

A very nice BB Senshi kit this is. ^^ With all the dragon themed golden armor add-ons, the completed model is very nice to look at. Its weapons are flexible in configuration, so there are tons of forms to play with. The "Berserker" mode transformation for Bacho Blue Destiny is a very unique and cool design. It's so simple to execute, but it works really well. ^^

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