Saturday, January 7, 2012

HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam Part 2

Reverse transformation

Straight out of box HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam and Seraphim Gundam after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Straight out of box content actually. Besides the two Gundams and Double Bazooka, a display base and stand included can be used right away.

Spread palms are the default hand units for Seravee Gundam and Seraphim Gundam.

To show off both Gundams in the package, or to spread out the content more evenly across it if you want to see it in that way, it's understandable that Seraphim Gundam comes separated from Seravee Gundam. In order for this review to work however, the former must be transformed (back) into Seravee Gundam's giant backpack first. That's kind of anticlimactic in my opinion, as the little guy was revealed from the back of the Gundam in the anime with a pretty dramatic entrance, here I'm showing its exit instead. ^^;

The transformation of Seraphim Gundam:

(Left) The head and hand units must be detached first.
(Right) A look at the neck area after the head is removed.

Seraphim Gundam's backpack is slide onto the neck area to become the giant Gundam head's forehead sensor.
The neck joint which is linked to the backpack would bend forward and collapse into the chest area when the latter is slide to the top, which is a pretty cool design in my opinion. ^^

The V Fins are flipped forward and angled slightly separated from one another.

The forearm is rotated around so that the protruding elbow snap into the side of the shoulder armor.

The connection is very secured, which is a good in preventing the transformed GN Cannon to "suddenly" slide open because of the elbow joint.

The arms are lifted and bent to the back.

The shoulder joints can be pushed downward into the body to close the gap between the cannons and the backpack.
The upper body's transformation is now done. ^^

Front view of the cannons.
There are obviously parts painted green inside the arms to form the cannons' nozzles.

The leg's transformation starts by bending it upward at hip level for 90 degree, followed by a 180-degree backward flip at knee joint level.

After the ankle joint is bent upward, the foot is flipped out from the joint and bent upward as well.

A tab behind the ankle joint locks to the slot on top of the thigh, securing the leg and feet in their upward-bend position.
Moving the leg while securing the tab will cause the thigh to be angled downward, allowing the exposed knees which have become Seravee Gundam's rear thrusters (?) to be shown correctly.

Like this. ^^

After the transformation, you would have realized that the legs are positioned in an extreme kneeling pose ^^;

All done for Seraphim Gundam's transformation.

A large slot on the back of Seraphim Gundam allows the backpack to be attached to Seravee Gundam's back.

GN Bazooka II in combined form called Double Bazooka.

Since the weapon can be separated, it comes with two handles, but you can show it being held in a more balanced way by positioning the option hand unit for weapons right in the middle of the two handles.

Done with the backpack and bazooka's configuration, here's a collection of images of a "complete" Seravee Gundam. ^^

Closer look on the various details:

A look at Seravee Gundam's articulation design and gimmicks in the next posting. ^^

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