Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Plamo Dream List


I think I mentioned this in several previous postings when I obtained certain new kits or when starting on new Gunpla projects, that I kept a list of items (model kits in particular) that I always wanted to buy since many many moons ago. A dream list I think it's called, or is it a laundry list? XD

Over the years, as waves of kits from old and new series, including those from many newly developed product lines get released into the market, more items were added to my list, almost naturally so because I really like to build model kits, and newer technologies in making them, which allows the kits to be loaded with gimmicks always fascinate me. ^^ If I can't shake off that liking after a while, that kit will eventually goes onto my list. ^^ It's important to watch out for the spending on these kits though, since I'm also into other hobby series, and many of them are hard to shake off too. ^^;

Apart from newer kits that get added onto the list, there are many which have stayed on it for quite a long while. ^^; Most of them are kits I missed out in the past because of budget constraints, while a few others were older releases I only get to know after they went off the regular market. I always wanted to complete my list, so I reached out to different hobby stores, websites, forums and friends to get them. Over the many years and through various channels, the hunt was pretty successful. ^^

For model kits produced by Bandai - Bandai Hobby Division to be exact, they will not go out of production unless explicitly specified by the company. One of such cases was HY2M 1/12 Gundam RX-78-2, where its final production was made known through official websites back in May 2010. Other than that, any other kits do get reissued from time to time. It's just a matter of turn really, as Bandai Hobby Division has a whole tons of reissued kits every month. The list is available and updated monthly on ^^ I keep myself updated regarding the list every month and check with various local hobby stores about getting them. ^^ That was how many of the items on my to-buy list get crossed out actually. ^^

Kits produced by other companies like Kotobukiya and Hasegawa are not easy to "regain" if you're late to the store though. Their frequency in reissuing older kits is nowhere near Bandai's, and in Hasegawa's case, I have no idea if the company does reissue any of its older kits at all. ^^; It's quite a shame because the company did produced a lot of awesome Macross kits in the past. Digging up sales thread on forums, ask friends to ask their friends (^^) are just about the only way to get these kits unfortunately.

Anyway, after years and years of treasure hunt, my declare my list to be complete. Almost all the kits I wanted to buy are now with me, with just one or two that I might have to let go because of their limited release nature. Still, the search will be ongoing, but most of the great stuff are here. ^^

Old Gundam Wing kits:
- HG 1/144 Gundam Nataku
- HG 1/144 Tallgeese III
- HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
- HG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Custom
- HG 1/100 Gundam Sandrock Custom
- HG 1/100 Serpent Custom

HGUC Ground Type Gundam

HGUC Gundam GP02A

HGUC Psycho Gundam

1/144 Devil Gundam

HG 1/144 Stargazer Gundam

MG G-3 Gundam Ver. OYW

MG Gundam RX-78-2

MG Quattro Bajeena's Customized Rick Dias

MG Char's Rick Dom

MG Zaku II F2

MG Hyaku Shiki HD Color Ver.

Perfect Grade Gundam GP01/Fb

BB Senshi Double Zeta Gundam

BB Senshi Gundam GP02A

BB Senshi The O

BB Senshi Zeong/Perfect Zeong

BB Senshi Dendrobium

BB Senshi Neue-Ziel

BB Senshi Devil Gundam

BB Senshi No. 278 Gounetsu Karakurishi Double Zeta

BB Senshi No. 277 Younen Gunshi Ikazuchimaru

EX model 1/144 Hildolfr

MG Patlabor Ingram 1 & 2

MG Griffon Flight Type

1/72 Sword Fish II

Mecha Collection The Big O

Mechanic Collection 1/35 Guren Type-02

HMM Zoids 1/72 Saber Tiger

HMM Zoids 1/72 Red Horn

SRW OG 1/100 Alteisen

SRW OG 1/144 Alteisen Riese

SRW OG 1/144 ART-1

SRW OG Non-scale Daizengar

SRW OG Non-scale Grungust Type Zero

SRW OG Non-scale Cybaster

Real Robot Revolution 1/100 L-Gaim Mk. II

1-72 Reactive Armored VF-0S

1/100 YZR-8000γ Myzr Gamma

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