Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gashapon Zeonic Eyes 2 Part 1

Vol. 2, the last one too

Moving on to something a bit out-of-the-ordinary for the next review on this blog ^^ - a very unique gashapon set that I kind-of mentioned in one previous posting last year, which I can't remember much now: ^^; Zeonic Eyes 2. ^^

One special point about this gashapon set for me is unlike all the other sets I reviewed in the past (M.S.G., Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V, Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol 3, MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7), this didn't come from my Singapore trip back in July 2010. ^^ I bought it from a local online hobby store I frequently visit.

I actually knew about this gashapon set when reporting about its release back in May 2009 on my old blog. ^^ As its name denotes, this is the second set in the series, and until Bandai decides to release another one, which I highly doubt would happen, ^^; it's also the last set. It's basically keychain items featuring Zeon MS heads with rotating mono-eye and lighting gimmicks - definitely great stuff for Zeon MS design lovers like me. XD

There are five regular items in this set: Zeong, Gogg, Gelgoog, Char's Customized Gelgoog and Zaku I, plus two special color variation types: Anavel Gato's Customized Gelgoog and Black Tri-Star Customized Zaku I. I only got the normal version, as the scribble of "Green" and "Gray" indicated on the package, which I supposed referred to the color of Zaku I and Gelgoog respectively. If it's "Black" and "Blue", then I would have hit jackpot. XD The regular Gelgoog and Zaku I are great designs nonetheless.

For your information, the first Zeonic Eyes set came out in January 2009, which featured Dom, Acguy, Gouf, Char's Zaku II and Mass Production Type Zaku II.

Looking at the line-up, most of the popular Zeon MS were featured in either the first set or Vol. 2. With that, the reason the series didn't get continued is sort-of out of the bag. ^^; I think they ran out of heads to put into this series, literally speaking XD

Anyway, back to Zeonic Eyes 2:

All the items yet to be taken out of their individual plastic bags.

All seven types, including the two special color variation types are shown on the paper band.

Very simple instruction on how to activate the light and turn the mono-eye camera is also shown on the paper band.

A look at all the Zeon MS "trophies" (XD) one by one:


An overview of this head display item (technically it's still a key chain, but it seems too exclusive for me to refer to it as that ^^;)

Overshadowed inside the head, the mono-eye camera is not visible at all. ^^;

Very nice added line details on the whole item.

The mono-eye camera is turned by rotating the entire base (neck), which really feels like moving the head instead.
Then again, since the mono-eye can't be seen, the eye movement won't matter until the light inside it is turned on. ^^;

Taking the item out from its plastic bag for the first time, a tiny paper band must be removed first before the switch can be turned to activate the light.

Very bright red light for the eye. Now we can see it's Gogg. ^^

With the eye turned.

[Zaku I]

An overview of this head display item.
Just like Gogg, the mono-eye camera is not visible at all. ^^;

With the light activated.

With the eye turned.

[Char's Gelgoog]

An overview of this head display item.

With the light activated.

With the eye turned.

The last posting featuring Mass Production Type Gelgoog and Zeong coming up next. ^^

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