Monday, January 2, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny Part 5

In before all the bling bling

Already the second day of the new year and the first order of business is to take care of er, last year's business. ^^; Sounds kind of pathetic there, but I don't think the idea of having to finish off everything from the previous year before the January the 1st is applicable to hobby items. In a way, like fine wines, some collectibles become more precious as they age. ^^

Then again, that also doesn't apply to this item. XD

BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny, which was left in my closet since late November. Except a few rare occasions when I would work on a kit I'm really enthusiastic about and build it right away, like MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker in 2010 and HG 1/144 Gafran last year), I say this waiting period is pretty normal for Bacho Blue Destiny. Apart from letting the panel lines to dry more before the final assembly, I usually don't want to indulge myself into the same kit or hobby item for too long in one shot, which is just my personal way of appreciating the items I have. ^^

Anyway, back to Bacho Blue Destiny. ^^ Just the basic form to be completed in this posting, since the design of its head is pretty unique in the series, plus the armors' and weapons' gimmicks would make a single posting overly long to cover everything I guess. ^^;

Parts of Bacho Blue Destiny's main body.

Major separable components of the main body.
Pretty standard fair for a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit so far.

Parts of the head.

Foil stickers used for the normal eyes, alternate "berserker mode" eye expression and sensors.

The two types of stickers for the eyes are on "knob", backs to one another. When you turn the tab on top of the head, the eye expression will change.

The clear green goggles part is assembled onto the front face part.

The color of the goggles part is very light, so the eyes can be seen very clearly when the head is assembled.

Three one-piece hair parts are assembled onto the forehead part, before the latter is mounted on top of the head. That would lock the tab that controls the eyes' movement.

Via simple hinges, the hair parts can be lifted for the "berserker mode" transformation.

All major separable components.

Bacho Blue Destiny's basic form completed.

One piece weapon parts.
No enough to form the mighty Shiryuu Gokurensou (獅龍極煉槍) combo spear since a few bling-bling parts will only come on in the next posting, but more than enough for Bacho Blue Destiny to wield. ^^

With sword (獅青刀) and spear (龍凜槍).

With shield (獸牙盾).
The sword and spear can combine using a socket part as well.

Large sword combo (大劍.龍鱗) using the shield and blade (龍甲刀).

Plenty of action poses from Bacho Blue Destiny even before the extra armor parts are assembled. ^^ The weapon parts' different combination gimmick is very indeed very fun, which is what I consider to be the really cool feature of the BB Senshi series, as compared to say the High Grade and Master Grade lines. Most of the designs don't have to make sense to look cool, and they certainly don't have care much about proportion and scale too. ^^ Still, the level and details and flexibility are pretty amazing at the same time. So far, before the whole kit is done, Bacho Blue Destiny certainly exhibit the quality of being really good in all these aspects. ^^

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