Monday, January 2, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny Part 6

Dragon dragon dragon

Continue with the assembly of BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny after the previous posting. ^^

All the extra parts for Bacho Blue Destiny's armors and weapons.

An armored Bacho Blue Destiny.
Armor components added to the basic form are headgear, shoulder armors, extra dragon head left shoulder armor, chest plate and backpack.

The large dragon head armor is tabbed onto the top of the left armor, where the slots to hold it can also be found on the right armor, so you can have the dragon head on the right hand side of Bacho Blue Destiny if you want to.

All the weapon parts to form the large Shiryuu Gokurensou (獅龍極煉槍) combo spear.

A huge double-edged spear with dragon head and wings ^^

All done for Bacho Blue Destiny. ^^ Besides increase in size, the armor parts give this warrior a huge upgrade in golden shininess as compared to his basic form as shown in the previous posting, and I like that very much XD

More images of the completed model:

Action poses of this completed BB Senshi kit:

Unfortunately for Bacho Blue Destinty, he suffers from the same issue as most other BB Senshi kits when the armor parts are attached - loss of posability. ^^; The dragon head shoulder armor would collide with the headgear when the shoulder is lifted; the wings on Shiryuu Gokurensou would hit the body if the weapon is posed close to it; and when the combo spear is separated, the shield (獸牙盾) will no longer be able to be mounted onto the forearm because of the shoulder armors. ^^; Another way of looking at it, many of the action poses shown in the previous posting are no longer possible. ^^;

All the weaknesses are not unpredictable though. As mentioned before, the problem exists on most other BB Senshi kits I built in the past. However, the loss of posability seems a lot more obvious on Bacho Blue Destiny, maybe because how the weapons are so versatile that the inability to pose with them feel a lot more disappointing than most other BB Senshi kits. Chouryou Gelgoog built last year was a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit with much of its articulation and posability blocked by its bulky armors, but in a way, it didn't feel as bad as Bacho Blue Destiny.

So, when that "mis-expectation" is recognized and removed, it's suffice to say that Bacho Blue Destiny is a pretty normal BB Senshi kit. ^^

The "Berserker" mode coming up next. ^^

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