Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mugenbine DX Mugen Pharaoh Part 2

Alternate forms for everybody. Oh, wait...

Moving on to the rest of the Mugenbine DX Mugen Pharaoh's individual figures after introducing Mugen Anubis in the previous posting.

[Mugen Sphinx]

The chain pieces are still attached to the runner.

Two swivel slots on the rear paws of the Sphinx give away the ankle joints of Mugen Pharaoh. ^^

Two shades of gold observable for the head and body.
Large areas of the body will be covered up using foil stickers, so it will still get some bling-bling treatment after all. ^^

Very nice molded details on the main torso block.

Like Mugen Pharaoh's face shown in the previous posting, it's great to see that the eyes of Mugen Sphinx are painted nicely so that the figure doesn't draw a "blank face" when displayed without any foil sticker on. XD

Also included is a little humanoid Pharaoh figure, presumably the pilot of Mugen Pharaoh. ^^
At the bottom of the feet is a slot that would allow the little fella to be displayed with the other figures.

A bit of assembly for the chains.


Nothing much to see on the bottom. ^^;

Size comparison with Mugen Anubis.

Some limited action for Mugen Sphinx.
The actual Sphinx doesn't move one bit, so I consider the articulation of this figure modeled after it almighty awesome XD

The Pharaoh figure can be connected to the peg behind the Sphinx body to show his in a standing pose.

With its lower body bent, the figure can also be stored in the empty space inside the Sphinx's body you can reveal by opening the neck area.

Alternate humanoid form? ^^;

[Mugen Ra]


Very nice molded details for the falcon's tail, which would ultimately form the headpiece of Mugen Pharaoh's staff.
Unfortunately, for the sake of molding the entire tail as a one-piece part, there are hollow areas on the rear face. ^^;


No action pose imaginable for a falcon standing on the ground, so here's one just for the record XD

Alternate humanoid form? ^^;

[Mugen Scorpion]

Some of the parts, especially the ones still on the runner seem suspiciously similar to Mugen Anubis shown in the previous posting. ^^

Bingo! The arms and torso are indeed identical between Mugen Scorpion and Mugen Anubis. ^^

All the parts to form Mugen Scorpion.


Size comparison with Mugen Sphinx.
The scorpion is larger than the Sphinx it seems ^^;

The claws and mandibles are movable.

Not only does the tail moves, the stinger can be split as well, which doesn't really make sense obviously. The stinger being designed as two parts is really meant for Mugen Pharaoh really.

"Action pose" for Mugen Scorpion. ^^;

Alternate humanoid form? ^^;

[Mugen Sobek]

All four legs and two hand units for Mugen Pharaoh are still on the runner.

All the parts to form Mugen Sobek.

In terms of articulation, Mugen Sobek has the most number of movable components, evidenced by the two halves of its body and the head shown in the image above.
Then again, when the body is assembled, much of the articulation will be lost.

Amazingly, it's the two hand units meant for Mugen Pharaoh that hold the parts together to form Mugen Sobek's body.
Because of the body's curved design, the connection between the parts are not firm - just enough to get the parts to come together. ^^;


Size comparison with Mugen Scorpion.

Some characteristics of a crocodile can still be shown: a little bit of lateral movement for the body (left image), and the mouth can be opened to a wide degree. ^^

No alternate humanoid form imaginable for Mugen Sobek at all ^^;

The tail can be combined with Mugen Anubis's staff to form a spear for the latter.

As it turns out, Mugen Sobek is the only one among the five that can't be reassembled into an alternate humanoid figure, for me that is. I looked at the parts and test them out for a while before giving up on my imagination. ^^; Still, as mentioned in the previous posting, individual reassembly is not part of the deal for Mugen Pharaoh. There's of course no restriction to disallow that, but success isn't guaranteed at all.

When all the figures are dismantled and the parts placed together, getting various combinations shouldn't be a problem at all. ^^ The first part of that is what's coming in the next posting, but the target build will be a very specific giant robot. ^^ Frankly, I have no idea what that giant robot is going to be really. Some kind of new Gundam maybe? XD

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