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HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam Part 6 [Final]

Meisters forever

More action poses of HCM-Pro Seraphim Gundam after the previous posting, plus a few from Seravee Gundam as well. ^^

Apart from the two beam sabers, Seraphim Gundam has no problem holding the two bazookas of Seravee Gundam as well. As a matter of fact, the various modes of the weapon can be configured on the smaller Gundam with ease. ^^ In terms of versatility, playability and posability, you can say that he's just as well designed as Seravee Gundam. ^^

Except for the ability of holding four beam sabers in one shot of course. ^^

A gathering of all four Gundams in HCM-Pro format:

00 Gundam, Cherudim Gundam, Arios Gundam and Seravee Gundam.

As a conclusion, this is definitely the best among the four "Gundam Double O" Season 2 HCM-Pro figures in my collection. The details and articulation are splendid, consistent with the entire product series. While the list of armament is a bit short for Seravee Gundam, the various modes of GN Bazooka II and its many combination possibilities with GN Cannons is pretty amazing. ^^

The special plus point for this HCM-Pro set is, all the benefits mentioned above can be applied for both Seravee Gundam and Seraphim Gundam. ^^ Two individually functional Gundam figures with transformation and gattai gimmick, that's one outstanding feature more than Arios Archer Set already. ^^

Speaking of gattai gimmick, there's one more special feature of this HCM-Pro set to be introduced, one which was shown back in Part 1 but never really elaborated: a special option hand unit featuring four fixed stacked palms that would allow the four Gundams to have a show of fellowship. ^^

The configuration is easier said than done really. ^^; All four figures must stand very close to each others with their arms stretched out to "reach" for the option hand unit. ^^;
The configuration starts with 00 Gundam, since it has the least cumbersome attachments on its body to avoid early collision with the other figures. ^^;

Since the hand units have specific joints for the Gundams, their positions are fixed. ^^; Standing on the left, 00 Gundam and Seravee Gundam must be left handers for once. ^^;

All "squeezed" into the confined space to be attached to the hand. ^^;

Like I said in Part 1, it's not really a super-duper special part (but is really troublesome to configure I should add after the attempt ^^;), but the image it helps to generate is very cool. It certainly is great to have this special part to close out the review on Seravee Gundam, as it unites him with his three buddies. It's an ultimate close for all four Gundams as well.

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