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Mugenbine DX Mugen Pharaoh Part 4

Foil sticker mania

If you love the work of attaching foil stickers on HGUC Sinanju, you're going to love Mugenbine DX Mugen Pharaoh like crazy. ^^

There are a total of five sheets, as shown in Part 1. The stickers come in different shapes and colors, so it's not all golden stripes and emblems like what you see on HGUC Sinanju, so you don't get too much of repeated work for the same kind of stickers, but many of them are still gold in color since that color forms part of Mugen Pharaoh's kingly image.

Sounds pretty fun to me. ^^ I genuinely enjoyed the foil sticker work on HGUC Sinanju, so instead of regarding the work on Mugen Pharaoh a chore to get through in order to get the "completely" completed combined (ha!) robot, I'm actually looking forward to it. ^^

Mugen Pharaoh is dismantled and reassembled into the five figures first.

[Mugen Anubis]

Foil sticker sheet for Mugen Anubis.

Once adhered to the parts' surface, the stickers are rubbed onto the parts hard using a cotton swap for the molded details beneath them to show and compliment the overall outcome.
But it looks like the line details of the stickers don't match those molded on the chest and shoulder area at all. ^^;

All the components have some stickers applied.

All the stickers are used. ^^

[Mugen Sphinx]

Foil sticker sheet for Mugen Sphinx.

18 beautiful metallic blue stripes for the Sphinx's mane. ^^

Very reminiscent of HGUC Sinanju's golden stripes. ^^ ^^

Foil sticker for the side of the body - before being rubbed onto the surface.

When applied accurately, the blue stripes would sink into their intended lines to create a very nice image of the Eye of Horus. ^^

Foil stickers for the chest, abdomen and paws.

[Mugen Ra]

Foil sticker sheet for Mugen Ra.

The thigh area has the largest pieces of foil stickers among the figures.

Since they are connected to the head, the shoulder pads are treated with more effort so that as much molded details beneath the stickers can be revealed and seen from outside.

Like Mugen Anubis, all the components have some stickers applied.

[Mugen Scorpion]

Foil sticker sheet for Mugen Scorpion.

Since the parts are the same, the foil sticker work is of course the same as that of Mugen Anubis for the body and claws. The latter has purple stripes near the elbow area though.

Purple "flowers" on the claw parts, which will turn into Mugen Pharaoh's knee armors in combined form.

[Mugen Sobek]

Foil sticker sheet for Mugen Sobek.

Parts on the crocodile with foil stickers applied.
The green stickers with cell pattern on top of the beak and tail are among the most beautiful designs in the entire set in my opinion.

Scored 100% for the usage of foil stickers this time. ^^

As mentioned in Part 1, I did have some plan to paint and panel line all the figures when I first got this set. While you can cover most of the important and obvious areas using the foil stickers included, there would still be corners and smaller parts with missing colors detectable here and there. Since the metallic colors used on the figures can be found from Gundam Marker BB Senshi Sangokuden set (except purple, which I have in my collection anyway), why not paint and panel line the parts myself? The detailing work seemed all the same as that for an average Gunpla kits. ^^;

However, my second thought kicked in after a while, telling myself to not be bothered about having so much work, ^^; Some of the stickers with specific line details for Mugen Pharaoh would seem wasted if not used, since I can't imagine how to recycle them for other kits if they are unused. They would get inducted into the spare sticker club and stayed there forever. ^^;

And so I went with the easier route of just applying all the stickers included for the figures. The outcome is pretty good in my opinion, as the most obvious areas and parts are indeed covered. I really like the stickers' design and colors as well. Apart from gold, metallic blue, purple and green found on Mugen Anubis, Mugen Scorpion and Mugen Sobek respectively are all very beautiful colors to look at. ^^

Despite having five sheets to go through, I really enjoyed the work. ^^ There's no revisionary imagination that everything would look better if painting and panel lining were applied instead of using foil stickers for everything.

More images of all the figures in the next posting. ^^

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