Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/100 Gundam Virtue Part 9

Reversed assembly reversed II: Elephant legs

Assembling the lower body of 1/100 Gundam Virtue after the weapon and arms in the previous posting.

Parts of the right leg.

Parts that were painted and panel lined.

Some portion of the gray ankle part of Gundam Nadleeh is exposed in front and on both sides of the foot, forming part of the mecha details without the need for foil stickers. Very nice. ^^

Foil stickers are used for the GN Stripes on both sides of the leg.
Only the light purple portion of the stickers are used, since the minor gray area were already painted back in Part 3.

The articulation of the knee joint is very similar to that on Gundam Exia.

The thigh, knee and leg have to be completed together since all of them are connected to one another.

The curve and cut on Gundam Nadleeh's one-piece knee cover match the leg's shape very accurately. ^^

Done for Gundam Nadleeh's right leg. ^^

The right leg's armor components.

Very simple yet effective slide-on design for the foot's armor. ^^

The connection can be said to be seamless as the part separation between the left and right pieces matches the line details in front and behind the foot. Very nice. ^^
The image of Gundam Nadleeh's "bare" foot and this armored version is refreshingly different. ^^

Polycap inside the calf allows the rear armor piece to snap onto leg securely.

Locked inside the armor, Gundam Nadleeh's leg is just 1/3 of the overall width it seems. ^^

The equally gigantic frontal armor snaps onto the rear piece via the four pins inside the latter.

Whatever shape and curve on Gundam Nadleeh's leg is all hidden behind the large armor now. ^^; The level of details just got renewed though, since Gundam Virtue's leg armor is not lacking of that.

The split between the frontal and rear armor pieces is seamless too, as it follows the line details between the parts.
And holding the partially completed leg in my hand, its massive size is very clear to see. ^^

With the GN Field Generator added, the right leg is done.

Overall size of the leg: about 14cm in height, 6cm in width and 7cm in depth.

The beam saber is stored inside Gundam Nadleeh's knee armor, which is turn is stored inside Gundam Virtue's knee armor.
Please, no more "Inception" reference here. XD

In such large armors, forward bending is very limited for the ankle joint, but the knee seems to be able to bend just as well as the other three 1/100 scale Gundam kits from the same series.

As you can see here, the knee is actually limited by Gundam Nadleeh's armor on the calf, not Gundam Virtue's. So the knee can actually bend to the back pretty well. It's just the size of the armor and lack of forward bending ability that make it seems somewhat limited in articulation.

Pretty standard sideway and rearward bend for the ankle joint.

To reveal the GN Field Generator, just pull the top piece outward until most of the line details are visible. ^^

Parts of the left leg.

Foil stickers for the GN Stripes on both sides of the leg.

Done for Gundam Nadleeh's left leg.

The left leg's armor components.

Attaching the armors onto the left leg.

Done for the left leg.

Same articulation range for the knee as the left leg.

GN Field Generator on the left leg.

Beam saber handle stored inside the knee armor.

Done for both legs. ^^

Parts of the waist and skirt armors.

Large painted areas on the rear and side skirt armors did in Part 2 and 5.

All the intricate line details on the rear skirt armor's interior part.

The core waist unit (Gundam Nadleeh's waist) is actually pretty small and very simple-looking. ^^

(Left) Large yellow thrusters mounted inside dedicated slots on the rear skirt armor's interior part.
(Right) A very tiny piece of soft rubber part for the GN Stripe near the top portion of the rear skirt armor.

Done for the really huge rear skirt armor piece. ^^

Separable components of the left arm before the final assembly.

There are polycap parts inside the waist to secure the front and rear skirt armors.

Done for the waist.
It's interesting to note that the side skirt armors are not separate components, but "extend" from the rear pieces instead, so it's actually just two armor blocks that are covering up the entire waist, which goes to show how humongous the parts are as well. ^^

With the legs completed earlier on.

The entire lower body is done. ^^

I'm not going to attempt any kneeling pose with Gundam Virtue. XD

Moving on to the body, backpack and head in the next posting. ^^

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