Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mugenbine DX Mugen Pharaoh Part 6 [Final]


The last posting for Mugenbine DX Mugen Pharaoh already. ^^

After the (re)introduction of all five individual figures in the previous posting, it's time to (re)dismantle and (re)reassemble the parts into Mugen Pharaoh. XD

A mesh of all the parts.
After the first assembly in Part 3 and clearer identification of the parts via their foil stickers, I have no worries of getting lost now. ^^

Reassembled everything into the different components, again. ^^

The return of the king! ^^

Closeups on the details:

Action poses with alternate forms from Mugen Pharaoh:

Pharaoh Kick with some help from Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type. ^^

A very nice candy toy set this is. Very nice details to look at on all the individual figures and Mugen Pharaoh, and of course, the very unique reassembly and combination method that is of Mugenbine is fun to play with as well. So far this is the first and only Mugenbine set in my collection, so I suppose the idea remains very fresh in my perception. ^^ Still, it's indeed a very creative design. I'm not thinking of trying out additional combinations since the "default" form (Mugen Pharaoh) is the best display for me, but versatility in configuration for alternate forms is definitely there. ^^

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Unknown said...

Buy :((

Naresh44226 said...

While checking out this figure, I stumbled upon your Blogspot page, and I have to say your reviews are very detailed. I love how you've showed both the figure with and without stickers and also the articulation of each individual figure along with the combined form too, so kudos to you! It really looks like an awesome kit and I just may very well get it.