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Gashapon Zeonic Eyes 2 Part 2 [Final]

Zeon trophies

Continuing with the review on the remaining two items from Zeonic Eyes 2 gashapon set after the previous posting. ^^

[Mass Production Type Gelgoog]

An overview of this head display item.
Apart from the absence of the blade antenna and color difference, it's completely identical to Char's Gelgoog.

With the light activated.

With the eye turned.


The only item in the whole set that requires a little bit of assembly when taken out of its plastic bag.

An overview of this head display item.

With the light activated and the eye turned.

While Zeong's mono-eye camera design allows it to move upward, all the way till the top portion of the back of its head, this gashapon item allows horizontal movement only. It's neither surprising nor disappointing since the mechanism design for the LED light and eye rotation inside the head must obviously be the same for all the items, maybe so for the first set which I don't have as well. For a gashapon release, I don't expect the designer to disregard cost issue in favor of accurate mecha design, just for one item some more. The goggle area on top of the head that is painted black not made of clear part is a very obvious indication that the eye won't be able to go up there in the first place. ^^;

A gathering of all five items from Zeonic Eyes 2:

With the light activated.

With the eyes turned.

Exactly how bright is the LED light actually? ^^

As you can see in the images above, the light shone from the eyes is pretty bright. Not enough to become torchlight obviously, but it's enough to make the point of Zeon MSs' fierce look through their mono-eye cameras. ^^

Comparison with a related Gundam gashapon set: M.S.G.

As you can see, the Zeonic Eyes series is much larger than M.S.G, which makes sense since the former doesn't feature any portion of the upper body to support the heads. Like M.S.G., all the five items have their own redesigned lined details, which are pretty neat looking. The details do stand out well, allowing all the head display items to show off something even before the light is activated. ^^

A gathering for Char's Gelgoog and its Master Grade Gunpla counterpart as the last portion of this review:

While the level of details is different, the overall design of the head is all the same. ^^

The standing figures are definitely not to scale with the gashapon item there. ^^

This is not something that is super special or incredibly innovative, but for me as a Zeon MS design lover, who can't get enough of light-up mono-eye camera on fierce-looking Zeon MSs, this is most certainly a great gashapon set. ^^

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