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Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Truck Part 4 [Final]


Going back to Lego bricks after the review of Transformers Prime's Voyager Class Optimus Prime. ^^

This will be the assembly of Lego Creator No. 5765 Transport Truck's second and last alternate vehicle model - a flat nose truck towing a car. The main model was assembled in mid April, while the first alternate model, a jeep towing a speedboat was done about earlier last month. ^^

Even though I do like the mini speedboat from the previous model, I'm not too fond of the jeep itself, ^^; so I don't have much hesitation in dismantling it for the last model's (re)assembly.

Back to square one with the previous model dismantled and the parts reorganized before starting the (re)assembly. ^^

Parts of the mini car's frame, bumper and tail.

The mini car's frame looks almost like an orange biscuit. ^^

Parts for the bonnet, windshield, wheels and others.

The mini car is done.

Due to its limited parts and overall size, the car has a weird, vintage look to it that is pretty interesting. ^^

The car is about 7cm in length.

Assembled the foundation of the truck's body.

Adding on more parts to build up the truck's cab and tail unit. ^^

Continuing the cab's assembly with components like the front wheel arcs and bumper added.

The two curvy parts for the helicopter's landing skids and the jeep's roof racks are now used as some sort of pipes inside the engine area. ^^

More parts are added to build up the cab.

A large plate for the truck nose, registration plate and headlights.

Assembled the nose to the front of the truck.

Added more parts to back of the truck and the tail unit.

Added the windshield and air dam to complete the entire cab.

The yellow bar pattern across the wall is very eye-catching. ^^

The last few parts to add on before the entire truck is done.

The truck ramps are movable. You can also see the tail lights beneath the ramps when the latter is retracted.

Reappearance of the red button beneath the truck. ^^

The flat nose truck is done. ^^

Some discrepancies in the truck's overall length when the ramps are retracted (left: about 15cm) or lowered (right: about 16.5cm).

The mini car can be shown driving up onto the truck's tail unit using the ramps.

The length and space of the tail unit is very specific to house the car. ^^

The car is so well "clamped" between the back of the truck and the ramps that it won't fall out when the truck is tilted, above the ground some more ^^
Amazing design! ^^

More images of the entire model:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view

A look at the two separated models:

Quite a lot of leftover pieces from the entire assembly.

As compared to the transport truck and jeep, this alternate model can be said to be somewhat simpler in assembly since it doesn't feature a separated trailer, which makes it seems a bit smaller too. ^^ Overall, it's a very good small-scale flat nose truck model. ^^ Personally, I like the color combination of blue, yellow and white on this model more than the transport truck itself, ^^ although it's still not as cool as Creator No. 4993 Cool Convertible's flat nose truck model. ^^; Nothing can beat that white and magenta color scheme I think. XD

In terms of appearance, those curvy parts on the nose, air dam and smoke stakes make the whole truck seems less polygonal as compared to the jeep, which is another good feature of the truck's design. ^^

The tail unit is wide enough to house a single BB Senshi model kit, like Force Impulse Gundam ...

... and Shiba-I Sazabi.

Done with this Creator set, the next Lego brick set review will be from the Technic series, but not so soon of course. ^^

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