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Sci-fi Revoltech Predator Part 1

The Classic root

Just like Figma Kamen Rider Thrust, the Revoltech series, specifically Sci-fi Revoltech is making a comeback on my blog after the review of Alien last year. ^^ Much like the Figma series, I do have quite a few Sci-fi Revoltech sets in my collection pending for review, but I have too many things at hand and in mind that I never attempted to open their boxes until I really have the heart for that. ^^;

Anyway, this second Sci-fi Revoltech figure in my collection to be reviewed is sort-of related to the first one, if you're aware of their movie franchises. ^^

The title alien character from John McTiernan's 1987 sci-fi movie "Predator". ^^

Much like the "Alien" series, due to numerous variations of this character in sequels, novels, comics, exclusive toys and others, special names are assigned for "identification" (^^). When (almost) the same design popped up in Robert Rodriguez-produced "Predators" in 2010, it was called "Classic Predator". ^^ I suppose it's fair to call it "Classic" when the design was based on the first member of its "race" that appeared on silver screen, which gave rise to an entire franchise. Many referred to the original Predator as Jungle Predator due to the story setting, but I prefer to call it as just "Predator".

I watched "Predator" when I was a small kid. The creepy plot of a bunch of human soldiers getting picked off one by one by an unknown killer in a vast jungle, especially when all of them were skilled killers themselves was both fascinating and frightening to me back then. Unlike the original "Alien", there's a lot more action in "Predator", which is an obvious point with actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura inside the movie. ^^ So unlike "Alien", it's really the fast-pace, brutality and straight-out-of-nowhere killings done by the Predator that really scared the heck out of me as a kid. The jungle environment itself wasn't as creepy as the crazily huge ship the crew members of "Alien" were in - most of the actions in "Predator" were shown in broad daylight anyway, but it was a perfect setting as a hopelessly huge killing ground the human characters have no control nonetheless.

Old-school trailer of "Predator". ^^
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

I think the concept of the Predator being an alien being who takes trophies off its hunted prey to proves its strength and rank is pretty cool. The motivation is both clear and simplistic, and that posed a great threat to the human characters. There's no reasoning with the hunter. As long as you're armed, you're a potential target; and are you a worthy kill? I suppose you don't have to worry about that when you're targeted eh? XD

On a completely unrelated note, according to IMDB, Shane Black who played Hawkins, the first member of Dutch's team to be killed by the Predator is the director of "Iron Man 3". ^^ Fancy that. ^^

The same formula was carried over to "Predator 2" in 1990, and the setting is still in a jungle - made of concrete that is. The introduction of government scientists trying to capture the Predator while its sole objective was still focused on hunting for trophies, on top of other social problems like drug dealing, gang war, bureaucracy, annoying tabloid reporters (XD) was very well executed. ^^

It's a shame in my opinion that the concept seems to be exploited in subsequent movies to an extend that the original idea was distorted. I can understand that every hunter has its own signature style of killing, so introducing more and more weapons make sense (even though you have to recognize that as more of a merchandising gimmick ^^), but the setting of having them hunting in packs ("AVP", "Predators") and even an "officer" from the alien's home planet to "clean up the mess" when something has gone wrong with a hunt ("AVP 2") seem really strange to me. ^^; For the first part on team hunting, I understand that we as human beings do that back in the old days, but that's mainly because we were puny and incapable to hunt larger animals if we don't do it in team. If proving one's worth through the number of trophy is what the Predators want, especially when harder kills mean higher "score", you would imagine they would want to do it as individuals with strictly no teamwork.

The second idea of a "cleaner" is even harder to accept. ^^; It's trying to link the idea of the Predator's hunting "activity" as something "governed" or "monitored" by another Predator, which is really farfetched. ^^; Just for the sake of the story, I don't mind having more than one Predator in "AVP 2" because it was pretty obvious right from the first scene that the whole alien infestation is beyond Wolf's control. If the Predator was indeed trying to eliminate the aliens along with any evident of their presence, it was already too late. For swifter damage control, much like government agencies in our world, I would imagine maybe the entire Predator world would be mobilized, but that didn't happen. ^^;

And Predator teaching human beings to build pyramids? I have memory lapse every time I hear that, so that piece of information doesn't exist in mind as far as the Predator's background is concerned. XD

Much like all other franchises, more is not always better. *cough* "Star Wars" *cough* "Indiana Jones" *cough* "Saw" *cough* But instead of blaming movie makers and studios for wanting to make money (as if there's anything wrong with that), having the right expectation for these movies is a lot easier for me. When I watched "Predators", I didn't expect it to be any more than just an action flick. It was good to see those alien bastards again after "AVP 2", XD and it was good to see Danny Trejo in that movie even though his role was extremely minimal - I really love Danny Trejo's movies. ^^ The Predators' design was very good as well. The story is just average, but I did enjoyed myself, and that's really the more important point. The same can be said about the "AVP" series as well. Even though the stories made no sense, at least the Predators' design was good in those movies. ^^

Anyway, back to the "Classic" ^^

Closeups on the sleeve band.

Standard Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Closeups on the sleeve band on the back of the box.

The same hard cover as Alien that allows the package to be opened like a book, which gives the box a higher collection value. ^^

Introduction of the movie behind the paper cover.

The figure itself and almost all its accessories can be seen clearly through the front window.

Mini name plate for the display base and RevolChip.

Box open

Box content. Everything fit on one plastic tray.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the plastic tray.

Promotional pamplet showing a limited Sci-fi Revoltech Alien molded in clear and special campaign for this product series. ^^

A mini booklet previewing upcoming Revoltech releases back in 2010.

Package content with the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

A straight out-of-box Predator.

Strings that were used to secure the figure to the tray.

As usual, an introduction of all the accessories and more images of the figure coming up next. ^^

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