Thursday, June 14, 2012

1/100 Gundam Astraea Part 7

Paint them just to be enclosed

The completion of 1/100 Gundam Astraea is at hand after the previous posting. ^^

Parts of GN Beam Rifle

Mecha details that were painted and panel lined back in Part 2.

Foil sticker for the targeting sensor.

The lower barrel of the rifle is a separated component from the main body.

The barrel snaps right onto the body to fully conceal all the former's painted details.

GN Beam Rifle completed.

The rifle's supporting stock to Gundam Astraea's forearm can move via a peg-to-polycap connection, somewhat like Gundam Dynames's beam rifle. ^^

Besides the rotation shown above, the stock has a slight side-to-side bend, so there's a lot of flexibility in posing the Gundam with this weapon. ^^

Parts of GN Launcher.

Just like the beam rifle, the launcher has a "dedicated" part molded with tons of mecha details. ^^

A look at the launcher's mounting arm, which can be extended to lower the weapon when it's fitted onto the Gundam's chest.

Like the same component on the rifle again, the mounting arm has a very flexible range of movement to allow the weapon to be posed in various angles. ^^

Foil sticker for the targeting sensor.

The one-piece muzzle is a very nice design touch to the launcher's part separation and assembly. ^^

The enclosed mecha details can still be seen, albeit pretty unclear that is. ^^;

The painted GN Stripe-like connector on the mounting arm behind the launcher can still be seen.

Done for GN Launcher.

The overall length of the launcher is around 13cm.
While it's not exactly long (as compared to many other bazookas), its overall size when compared to the Gundam is very impressive. ^^

The handle is movable.

A look at the mounting arm's extension and bending again.

Done for the two unique weapons of Gundam Astraea. ^^

Parts of the shield.

While it's really just Gundam Exia's shield with the top and bottom spikes cropped off (XD), the major parts are newly molded for this kit. ^^

Details behind the shield.

Parts of Proto GN Sword.

The painted and top coated GN Blade part brought forward all the way from mid February 2010. XD

(Left) Panel lined details behind the container parts.
(Right) Fitting the blade into the container also conceals most of the panel lined details. ^^;

Done for Proto GN Sword.

The length of the sword in retracted mode is around 12cm.

With the blade extended.

The length of the sword when expanded is around 14cm.

The adapter component to mount Proto GN Sword to Gundam Astraea's forearm.
Unlike Gundam Exia's GN Sword, the adapter is compatible for both arms, so the weapon can actually be wielded with either hand. ^^

All of Gundam Astraea's weapons, include the two GN Beam Sabers/Daggers which required minimal effort to assemble. ^^

Parts of the body.

(Left) Clear part for the GN Drive painted using normal green highlighter.
(Right) Fixed GN Stripe-like connectors on the thruster pieces and interior of the backpack that were painted back in Part 5.

Fitting the clear part onto the GN Drive.

Most of the chest parts, including the vents and collar pieces are unique to Gundam Astraea. ^^

The bottom of the semi-cone is also painted black using normal marker around its inner edges to fill up the gap between it and the "button". ^^

Foil stickers for the three thrusters (?) on the backpack.

The two fixed GN Stripe-like connector pieces don't really link to the back of those collar parts. The gap between them is to facilitate GN Launcher's mounting arm.

Done for the body unit. ^^

Since the shoulder block is all the same as that on Gundam Exia, the same forward and rearward bend is inherited. ^^

With the arms and shoulder armors completed in the previous posting and the waist piece that will connect between the upper and lower bodies.

The upper body is completed.

Fitting the waist piece onto the lower body.

The main body is now done.

Vertical tilt is no problem for the waist.

(Left) Side-to-side bend for the waist is limited by the crotch part.
(Right) You can free the waist from the crotch part slightly by pulling the upper body upward, but ...

... the back of the waist will still collide with the beam sabers/daggers' mount rack. ^^;

Part of the head.

(Left) Foil stickers are used for the eyes and forehead sensor.
(Right) The exact same face as Gundam Exia. ^^

The mecha details on either side of the helmets are concealed by the long "rabbit ears". ^^;

Done for the head. ^^

Fitting the head onto the neck joint completes the entire assembly. ^^

All the unused Gundam Exia parts. ^^;

All done for Gundam Astraea. ^^ More images of the model to be featured in the next posting. ^^

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