Monday, June 25, 2012

Sci-fi Revoltech Predator Part 4 [Final]

Whoever wins... I still win XD

More action poses from Sci-fi Revoltech Predator after the previous posting: ^^

Sci-fi Revoltech Predator is a great action figure. The articulation is good, which is a no-brainer given it's from Revoltech. ^^ As shown in Part 2, the details are brilliant. The wrist gauntlets and removable mask are very nifty gimmicks to have as well. It would be even better if a pair of expanded mandibles is included so that the figure can be posed with a different expression when the bio-mask is removed, especially since the more expressive wrist blades were used most prominently during that final duel in the movie, and the Predator's mask was removed at that point. Still, the lack of that accessories doesn't diminish the quality of this figure at all. ^^

Lining the figure up with the last Sci-fi Revoltech figure reviewed on this blog: Alien ^^

Thanks to "AVP", a duel between the two alien creatures doesn't look out of place anymore XD

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LEon said...

body look shinny and the head look too big with the helmet...