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Transformers Prime Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee Part 1

From super big to super small

I don't always have Transformers on my blog, but when I do, I have two reviews in ten days. XD

After Transformers Prime's Voyager Class Optimus Prime, I'm going to review another figure from that TV series, one that is extremely small this time. ^^

This is Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee, which is a much newer release as compared to Voyager Class "First Edition" Optimus Prime reviewed last week. ^^ Prime was among the pilot toy releases for the series, but Arcee in this version is part of the mega merchandising wave that came after the "First Edition". ^^

I first saw this figure when I was walking around in the toys' section of a local departmental store not too long ago, and was quite intrigued by it. I mentioned that I have the bigger and more colorful Deluxe Class "First Edition" Arcee when I introduced Optimus Prime in his review, but this really small scale Arcee seemed really interesting as well. ^^ I didn't get her straight away, but when I went back to the same place a couple of weeks later and saw that there were only one or two packs of this Arcee left on the shelves, the fear of not going to be able to get her when I make up my mind in the future prompted me to grab her at that moment. ^^ And since it's a really small figure - almost key chain-size to some, I suppose there's no harm in opening the package right away and do a review on it. ^^

I really love the design of Arcee from "Transformers: Prime". To me, it's easily the best design for the character since "Transformers: Generation 1". ^^ She's has a very clear and sleek-looking humanoid outline (as compared to the Arcee sisters in the second movie) with much needed updated face design that clearly distinguish her as a female robot (as compared to all the movie Arcees, and especially her Japanese Transformers Binal Tech version ^^;). On top of everything, blue is a much better color to show how Arcee is a capable member of the Autobots despite being much smaller than everybody else, especially for this "Transformers: Prime" version of her. Arcee and Cliffjumper were the first two characters shown in the show, and her toughness was spot-on. I seriously do not believe pink would be a good color to support that. ^^;

By the way, a "stealth fighter" she is (the title for her as shown on this Legion Class package), a pink and white sport bike would be mighty stealthy on the road no doubt. XD I'm very sure her human partner, Jack really appreciated that she is not in that girlish color scheme. XD

The blister pack allows the figure to be seen very easily and clearly.

(Left) Transformation difficulty is at Level 1 - Easy for this small-scale figure.
(Right) "Cyberverse Command Your World Arcee Stealth Fighter".

Image showing Arcee stuck between Optimus Prime and Ratchet on the left edge of the package. Bulkhead is too bulky to fit into the image and had to be left out I suppose? XD

Information about Arcee on the package's right hand side.

Introduction of the character on the back of the package.

Among the characters shown in the image above (including Decepticons' Soundwave on the far right with his head and body cropped off), Arcee's "puniness" is all too clear to see. XD

No comparison with her Deluxe Class "First Edition" version in terms of package size. ^^;

Package opened.
The blister pack is cut on its sides using scissors before the plastic tray containing Arcee and instruction sheet can be removed from it.

The complete backdrop with the remaining edges of the cut plastic cover removed.

The cardboard label for the top, side and bottom faces of the plastic container.

The unfolded instruction sheet for the transformation sequence.
Eight steps to complete the whole transformation is definitely Level 1 - Easy. XD

Front view of the content.

Rear view of the content.

A straight-out-of-box display of Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee.

Comparison with "Crimson Viper" Miyuki from Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set to show you how small this version of Arcee is. ^^

More image of the figure, which is really of no difference as compared to her straight-out-of-box display. ^^;

Closeups on the details:

Despite its really small size, Arcee's iconic design features from the series, including the fairing side panel and air scoop which transformed into her wings, windscreen behind the head and wheels on the heels, and the Autobots insignia of course. ^^ Although they are somewhat large in proportion to the body, the fairing wings are better in design as compared to the same component on the Deluxe Class "First Edition" version, which looks more like shoulder plates instead of wings. ^^;

The face sculpt is really good as well. Her tiny eyes are painted in bright metallic blue, and I'm not sure if they can be seen properly in the images above, but there are actually molded lines inside the eyes to show the pupils, which is really awesome. Small as it is, the limited details incorporated sure isn't low level. ^

A look at the transformation sequence and action poses from this version of Arcee in the next posting. ^^

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