Friday, June 22, 2012

Figma Kamen Rider Thrust Part 4 [Final]

Just average

More action poses from Figma Kamen Rider Thrust after the previous posting: ^^

In terms of gimmicks, accessories and articulation, this Figma is just average in my opinion. There's nothing too special that makes it stand out among the other action figures in my collection, apart from being a Kamen Rider design than I really like that is (see Part 1), but that's more of a personal liking and not a fair comparison. There's nothing wrong with the figure per se, it's just not impressive. Unless you like the design of Kamen Rider Gai like I do, it's not really the greatest choice if you want to start collecting Figma figures.

Then again, I suppose an average design and treatment for this figure is just fair for a supporting character in its series. ^^ Why bother making it overly impressive when it wasn't that impressive to begin with? ^^;

Having that in mind, I suppose you can indeed call this is a very good representation of Kamen Rider Thrust in Figma format XD

Just for the fun of it, a comparison of Figma Kamen Rider Thrust with a few other action figures: ^^

With S.I.C. Vol. 35 Kamen Rider Blade.

Almost every aspect between the two figures is different. Looking at the content, size and details of S.I.C. Vol. 35 Kamen Rider Blade, it's hard to imagine that it's actually just about 700 Yen more expensive than Figma Kamen Rider Thrust (price with tax included). ^^;

With Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver.

With Revoltech Fraulein Mari Illustrious Makinami.

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