Sunday, June 17, 2012

1/100 Gundam Astraea Part 11 [Final]

Meet the successor

The last posting in the review on 1/100 Gundam Astraea starts off with some more action poses featuring this kit. ^^

This is the box art action pose of Gundam Astraea. ^^

Gundam Astraea in full arms mode? ^^
Actually it's more like what sort of weapons can be equipped to the model until all the mount racks are exhausted. ^^

A comparison with its successor unit, Gundam Exia:

Front view

Left side view

Rear view

Right side view

I find it tremendously amazing that despite having different parts in almost all components, the connection to Gundam Exia is very clear to see on Gundam Astraea. ^^ I think people who like Gundam Exia will find Gundam Astraea appealing as well. ^^

Personally though, I still prefer Gundam Exia more for the many clear green GN Condensers all over its body, plus the broader GN Sword it carries. ^^

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