Sunday, June 3, 2012

Transformers Prime Voyager Class Optimus Prime Part 4 [Final]

What kind of sword is that?

Action poses featuring Transformers Prime's Voyager Class Optimus Prime in this posting, which will be the last one in this review series as well. ^^

The sword is actually "upside-down" in the image above. ^^; According to the instruction manual, the sword's armor above its handle should be on top of the hand to somewhat show the sword as an extension of the forearm, but I really dislike the blade's upward-facing look in that configuration, so I chose to reverse the handle's placement. ^^

The weapons can obviously go onto both hands.
And just to show you how the sword would look in its "official" configuration. ^^;

I really love this Transformers figure. ^^ The look is great in both truck and robot modes, and the transformation sequence is really run. As a voyager class figure, the transformation isn't too easy - transforming the arms and chest piece from the truck's engine compartment is (somewhat) a challenge, ^^ but it's not as confusing and frustrating (at some point) like Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Prime. Transformation of the "fake" windshield and the truck's grill are very interesting and enjoyable steps in the whole transformation sequence. ^^

Plain standing pose using the combined cardboard platform shown in Part 1. ^^

This isn't the only "Transformers: Prime" figures in my collection at this moment. ^^ As mentioned in Part 1, I got Deluxe Class Arcee as part of the bundled set with Optimus Prime. I bought Deluxe Class Starscream a few months back, which was still part of the "First Edition" series. I have yet to open them up so no review to be expected soon. ^^;

On the other hand, I got Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Shockwave and Megatron last year, but I only opened up the former for a little bit of fun soon after I received them. Shockwave is really fun, and I absolutely love its fearsome look. ^^ On a related note, I also managed to pawn a few other movie version figures from a few people, so while it's not as frequent as Gunpla reviews on this blog. There'll definitely be more to come in the future. ^^

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