Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sci-fi Revoltech Predator Part 2

Beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty

After the long introduction last night, this posting will focus on the option parts included in this Sci-fi Revoltech set and more images of the figure to examine its details.

Sci-fi Revoltech Predator and all of its accessories.

As you can see, the accessories list is exceptionally short for Predator, even though that's pretty accurate to the original movie's setting.

The signature bio-mask.

The rough surface molded and overall paint work really give the bio-mask a very movie-accurate metallic appearance, even though it's very clear that it's made of hard plastic. ^^

No detail behind the mask.

No part-swapping at all to put the mask onto the face. The connection is secured by the space between the Predator's nose bridge (not exactly ^^;) and upper mandibles that tightly grips onto the eye area behind the mask.

The mask accurately covers the entire face. Its edges follows the sideburns (?) and avoids any conflict with the "dreadlocks".

Four option hand units included: a pair of spread palms and two special units to show the figure operating its wrist gauntlets on either arm.

(Left) Very nice spot-pattern on the back of all the hand units, complete with glossy paint work to highlight their organic nature.
The paint work is very specific as well - only the exposing hands are painted glossy but the glove portion isn't. ^^
(Right) Sharp fingernails with accurate paint work. ^^

Not much details behind the hand units, but you can see how specific the paint work is for the glove portion and exposing areas of the hands.

A very generic Sci-fi Revoltech display base.

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech Predator:

A Revoltech figure supported by a Figma stand. ^^

Closeups on the details::



[Shoulder mounted plasma caster]





With the bio-mask removed.

[Actual face]

Given its size, the level of details on this figure is really astounding. ^^ It's very much a character study of the Predator. There are a few critical flaws with the figure's design unfortunately (will get into that in a while), but the details alone are just incredible to look at. The unmasked face, dreadlocks, armors, skin texture, wrist gauntlets, body net and others really exceeded my expectations in terms of their details when the price is less than 3,000 Yen (inclusive of tax). If Revoltech wants to show off how well they can handle details on an action figure, this figure would be a perfect pick to face the scrutiny I believe, because it's just so amazing. ^^

As mentioned above, there are a few flaws on this figure which are pretty glaring. ^^; I'll just focus on the overall proportion and that "block-type" joint right in the middle of the abdomen for now. ^^;

The overall proportion is a bit off in my opinion. The head is too big and the legs are too small. ^^; Even without the bio-mask equipped, the head looks really huge to me. Maybe the designer wasn't able to make it any smaller so that details like the eyes and mandibles won't have to be omitted, I'm not sure, but the size does affect the overall look. As a matter of fact, the head is so big and heavy the feet are having trouble supporting it. ^^; Without a supporting stand, it's very difficult to get it to stand right. ^^; Adding insult to injury, the head becomes even bigger when the bio-mask is equipped.

The "block-type" waist joint designed on the figure is a feature I really don't understand. ^^; It's supposed to allow the figure to bend forward to show it in a crouching position. Then again, apart from that motion, there's no other articulation application for it. Yet, the look is mindbogglingly ugly. ^^; All the details on the body are great, but there's a huge block right in the middle of the abdomen. That's really unfortunately, between that extended forward crouching pose (just forward, no rearward, as you'll find out in the next posting) and an overall smoother and more natural look, the former was picked, and I think that was a very poor choice.

Still, I'm not going to write off this figure as a bad design just because of the proportion and weird waist joint. The level of details alone is enough to hide those two weaknesses in my opinion, not to mention there are more goodies about the figure yet to be revealed as well. ^^

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