Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam Part 2

Easter Egg feature? or maybe not

Finishing up with the work on the parts that were painted in the previous posting. ^^

Panel lines applied to the parts and that's it. ^^

There are other parts not on Runner C that require the same golden treatment as well, but the paint work won't be as heavy as the many parts shown above, most which are pretty large in size.

Moving on to other parts from the kit:

The interior of the skirt armors is painted using Gaia Color 022 Semi Gloss Black to give the whole part an extra sense of depth.

While the front skirt armor has separated parts in different colors for the different segments, the rear skirt armor in the same plain white is missing a couple of colors. ^^;

Just simple panel lining will do for the front skirt armor.

The sunken panels on the rear skirt armor are painted using red whiteboard marker ink, while the thrusters are painted using Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold.

With excessive paint scratched away and panel lines added.

(Left) Done for the two skirt armor parts.
(Right) Line details of the vents on either side of the skirt armor are panel lined.

The red panel on the crotch area with design that seems to be straight from Koumei ReGZ will require quite a bit of delicate paint work. ^^;

(Left) Painted the targeted spots on the part using Gundam Marker Gold.
(Right) Excessive gold paint is either scratched off using a sharpened toothpick, or covered up through reapplied panel lines.

(Left) With panel lines applied to the entire part.
(Right) Test fitting the parts to have a preview of how the completed component would look like. ^^

Koumei Nu Gundam's new sword 龍焔刀 will requires quite a bit of paint work as well.

The blade is painted silver using Gaia Metallic Color No. 9 Bright Silver.

The red curvy patterns on the blade is painted using a normal sharp tip marker.

Spilled over red paint is cleaned off using cotton swab soaked with paint thinner.
Light and swift is the way to go with the cotton swap since the thinner also dissolves the silver paint, which is something that must be avoided.

The completed 龍焔刀, with panel lines added to the entire part.
The handle is supposedly black in color, but I don't want to paint it since it's very likely that the paint would be rubbed off by the model's hand when it's equipped to it. ^^;

The hollow points on either side of the cross-guard looks a bit too bland. ^^;

From the manual, the hollow spots are not used in any way at all. Mounting the sword to the backpack or weapon effect part uses the peg behind the cross-guard instead.

Since the hollow spots are not going to be used for any weapon gimmick, they can be enhanced using extra parts to make their appearance a little bit more interesting. ^^ The best and also simple-to-do accessories would be round jewels, which are really common features on most real or fictitious swords. ^^

And I have just the right parts for the task. ^^

H-Eyes 1 Green from Wave.
I have the pink type of this set as well.

One clear green runner featuring many "eyes". ^^

The round mono-eye pieces are the largest parts on the runner, but there are also eight pairs of dual-eyes for Gundam-type model kits. Obviously, this option runner isn't meant specifically for Gundam model kits, and the purposes of the parts go beyond just as eyes on robots. The round parts seem very suitable as targeting scope on weapons as well. In Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam's case, The smallest pair of round parts seem most suitable as jewels on the sword's cross-guard. ^^

Lucky me, the smallest type on the runner is a perfect match for the hollow spot. ^^
No extra work of sanding the parts smaller would be needed then. ^^

Added the round parts onto the cross-guard.
Plastic cement is used to secure the connection. ^^

All done for 龍焔刀. ^^

Will be working on the wing and body parts next.

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