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Transformers Prime Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee Part 2 [Final]

Revenge of ball-type joints

More of Transformers Prime's Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Unlike Voyager Class "First Edition" Optimus Prime, I find the transformation from robot into vehicle mode to be more interesting for this Arcee, so no more reverse transformation like the former this time. ^^

Since Arcee was left in robot mode from the previous posting, here's a look at her limited articulation design and a few action poses: ^^

Kneeling is no problem for Arcee despite having two wheels behind the legs. Take that, Voyager Class "First Edition" Optimus Prime! XD

Very wide, almost unlimited swivel action for the shoulder joints.
Sadly, there's no joint incorporated for the elbow. ^^;

(Left) Ball-type joint for the shoulder.
(Right) A separate pair of joints allows both arms to be pulled out and down from their shoulders, but this articulation is meant for the transformation only I think.

The same kind of unlimited articulation for the hip, enabled by a pair of ball-type joints for the hip just like those used for the shoulder joints.

The knee can bend for about 90 degrees in robot mode, which supports the kneeling pose shown earlier on.
The range can be much wider actually, as you will find out in the transformation segment. ^^

Large feet helps Arcee to stand on surface very well. ^^

Off the ground action poses with Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

The twin blaster can be mounted on either side of her wings as a backpack weapon.
The slot on the wing is actually where the weapon is mounted on the vehicle mode.

A look at Transformers Prime's Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee's 8-step transformation sequence (according to the instruction sheet shown in the previous posting). ^^

The twin blaster must be removed first.

The windshield is tilted forward until it's on the same level as Arcee's head.
The arms are bent to the back to give some clearance to the legs' transformation.

The legs' transformation is very unique, not just on this figure but among all the Transformers figures in my collection as well.

The wheel on the right leg is bend to the front to form the front wheel, the one on the left leg is tilted to the back to form the rear wheel.
The opposite action of the wheels' adjustment is quite interesting to me, but that's not all obviously. ^^

(Left) The legs are straightened and the thighs are adjusted to eliminate the gap between the legs.
(Right) Side view of the adjusted legs.

(Left) The legs are "retracted"/folded to the front at hip and knee level to bring both wheels closer to the bike's main body.
(Right) The front wheel is tilted upward until its position matched the rear wheel.

On the back of the bike, there's a peg at the edge of the tail section that is plugged into a dedicated slot on the rear wheel's fork. The connection is not secure though, as any adjustment on the wheel will cause it to pop open. ^^;

The arms are tilted all the way to the back of the bike's body to form the fuel tank, seat and tail.

Top view of the transformed arms.

The twin blaster is attached to the slot on the side panel.

Arcee in vehicle mode is completed. ^^
Unlike the Deluxe version, there's no kickstand to make Arcee stand properly in vehicle mode, so she'll keep falling on one side until the wheels are retracted enough to allow her robot feet to touch the surface. ^^;

More image of this little blue sport bike: ^^

Closeups on the details:

As her fixed hands are right behind the seat (or is part of it if you choose to see it that way ^^), the blaster can be mounted on top of the bike. ^^

Comparison with "Crimson Viper" Miyuki from Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set again to see the size reduction of Arcee from robot to vehicle mode. ^^

Because of my personal liking towards the character, I really like this mini figure. ^^ It's now on my desktop, where I'll transform her back and forth between robot and vehicle modes when I'm thinking of something, or when reading a particular web page. ^^ The small size and ease in transformation are among the selling points of this figure no doubt. ^^ It's perhaps no surprise then that the Japanese equivalence for Arcee, as well as the entire Legion Class in general is called EZ Collection.

Anyway, I really like this little figure. It's perhaps too small and overly simplistic for most Transformers collectors, but with its limited size, the overall design is still pretty show-accurate. It has some interesting features and a very nice color scheme as well. ^^ This is my first gashapon Legion Class Transformers figure and I'm very happy to have it. ^^

As shown in the previous posting, this won't be the last time for Arcee to appear on this blog. ^^ There's still the larger Deluxe Class version to be featured. ^^

As a matter of fact, I have quite a few Arcees from the first two movies too. I might as well have "Arcee" and "non-Arcee Transformers" as the posting labels for my Transformers reviews. XD

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