Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1/100 Gundam Astraea Part 6

90 percent Gundam Exia as the start

Finishing up on another Gunpla after the review of BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent and Sohi Gundam Box Set just a couple of days ago. It's 1/100 Gundam Astraea's turn to get its final assembly this time. ^^

Section of clear parts with their rear sides painted using green highlighter, foil sticker sheet and the blade of Proto GN Sword that was painted since February 2010.

Parts of the arm.

The GN Striple-less upper arm and forearm part that replaces the clear part are unique to Gundam Astraea. The rest are all identical to those components on 1/100 Gundam Exia.

Soft plastic part for the GN Stripe piece on the back of the forearm.

Separable components of the arms before the final assembly.

Done for both arms.
Just like Gundam Avalanche Exia, two spread palms are included for this kit, but their designs are not the same.

Since the parts are mostly the same, the elbow articulation is just the same as 1/100 Gundam Exia's.

Parts of the right leg.

Despite having more parts than the arm, there's only one new part that is unique to this kit: the "cap" to replace the clear part on the side of the leg.

The same leg components that can be found on 1/100 Gundam Exia.

Done for the leg. ^^

All of 1/100 Gundam Exia's flexible leg articulation design is "inherited" by this kit. ^^

Ball-type joint for the ankle.

Separated thigh and hip joint.

Part of the left leg.

The new part to cover up the leg's GN Condenser.

All done for the left leg.

The same articulation design as the right leg.

Both legs are now done. ^^

Just an overview of the legs' articulation design.

Parts of the waist.

New skirt armor and beam saber/dagger mount rack parts that are unique to Gundam Astraea. ^^

Revisiting the limited details behind the front skirt armors which were panel lined in Part 3.

Unlike Gundam Exia's which are poking behind the waist, Gundam Astraea's beam sabers/daggers are positioned to the side folded downward, so in order to get that configuration, the mount racks' joints on the rear skirt armor must be bent upward and then folded down facing outward.

New rear thruster (?) parts secure the gaps left by the mount rack joints.

(Left) Another two parts tab onto the joints, disallowing them from being bent upward.
(Right) Despite cutting off the middle piece in Part 3 to allow individual adjustment to each mount rack, that flexibility is totally not available with Gundam Astraea, as expected. ^^;

Separable components of the waist before the final assembly.

Done for the waist.

Bottom view of the waist to show off the molded details behind the front skirt armors again.

There's a little gap between the beam saber/dagger's mount rack and the locking piece on top of it that allows the weapon to be tilted to the back for a more dynamic display.

With the legs completed earlier on.

The lower body is done. ^^

Just like 1/100 Gundam Exia, kneeling isn't the best thing Gundam Astraea can do. ^^;

Seeing how much the top portion of the front skirt armor is poking on the waist area, I suppose kneeling would be even harder for Gundam Astraea when the body module comes in later on, as there would be no more room to accommodate the skirt armor piece anymore. ^^;

Parts of the shoulder armors, all which are new and unique to this kit, except the two joint parts in the middle.

The "Mechanical Detail" components of this kit before the two one-piece covers are assembled onto them.

Almost all the details painted in Part 3 are now concealed beneath the top covers.

The painted interior of the shoulder armors.

Will be assembling the weapons, body and head which feature even more unique parts for Gundam Astraea in the next posting. ^^

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