Sunday, June 3, 2012

Transformers Prime Voyager Class Optimus Prime Part 3

Unconventional joint design enabled by its transformation

More images of Transformers Prime's Voyager Class Optimus Prime in robot mode after showing off its transformation sequence in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

A very nice robot mode this is. ^^ It's a very good representation of Optimus Prime as seen in "Transformers Prime", coupled with tons of details only visible in robot mode. The head sculpt, "fake" windshield (chest piece), molded mecha details on the neck area, abdomen and the Autobot insignia on the right shoulder are the most obvious points.

The proportion is pretty good too. ^^ I never had much liking towards robots or even human characters with really macho-broad-chest-and-shoulder body design typically seen on American superhero, but I don't think it's too bad on Optimus Prime. That exception is probably due to how well the robot mode inherits Optimus Prime's "traditional" design. XD The movie version with flame pattern on the truck body plus super large feet wasn't too hard for me to relate its overall design to the conventional Prime, so it would be hypocritical for me to say that this new CG anime version is too far off and hard to accept in that sense. ^^;

As mentioned in the previous posting, many of the vehicle mode's details have been hidden in robot mode, and very well too. ^^ The entire torso, including the head and the "fake" windshield that came out from the truck's cab to form the chest piece are hidden in truck mode, so it's almost impossible to tell where those parts come from just by looking at the truck mode. ^^ The "disguise" part of Transformer's tagline "robot in disguise" is very well executed on this figure in that sense. ^^

A look at the figure's articulation design:

The head can turn from side to side.

(Left) As part of its transformation sequence as shown in the previous posting, the shoulder joint has a very wide vertical articulation range.
(Right) Another hinge joint in the shoulder allows the arm to bend out to its side, for as much as the shoulder plate allows it. ^^

The upper arm has a swivel joint that allows the forearm to be turn. The wrist is of the same kind of joint, but its movement is limited by the wrist armor.
Not shown in the image, but the knee is capable of articulation as well.

Using the same joint that swing the lower body to the front from truck mode, the waist can turn, in a rather eerie "cut" method where the waist is separated from the lower body when it's turn. ^^;

Red ratchet joints for the hip. ^^

(Left) Bending the leg to the front is very easy, ...
(Right) ... as with bending it to the side.
I suppose that's the ultimate benefit of having a ratchet joint for hips that aren't restricted by any skirt armor. ^^

Much like the upper arm, the thigh has a swivel joint at knee level that allows the leg to move independently of its thigh.
On a separate note, you can see the "fake" fifth wheel coupling inside the left leg to match the "real" one on the right leg. ^^

Thanks to its transformation sequence, the foot can be bent downward very easily.

Another joint in the ankle allows the foot to be tilted downward for a slight degree. The articulation range for this joint is rather limited as bending it too much would split the shin guard from the truck's tail unit. ^^;

The special ankle articulation shown above allows the figure to be positioned better in its standing pose. ^^

Application of the joint design in supporting the figure's action poses will be shown in the next posting. ^^

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