Sunday, July 8, 2012

MG Zeta Plus Part 9

No waist is a huge issue

Some action poses from MG Zeta Plus after the previous posting. ^^

No movable waist + very limited ways to pose the shield + a very long beam rifle = very difficult to adjust good action poses for this MG kit. ^^;

The absence of front skirt armors make kneeling down an easy task for Zeta Plus. ^^

No special clip is included to mount the model to any display base from Bandai, obviously since this kit came out long before the Action Base series was introduced. ^^;
One of the clip type connectors from Action Base 1 is compatible with the kit anyway.

MG Zeta Plus on Action Base 1.

Without a movable waist, even the usual point-your-rifle-in-midair pose (XD) that works well with most model kits doesn't look good with Zeta Plus. ^^;

The pilot cockpit hatch was already shown in the previous posting. ^^;

This is one of the poses shown in the assembly manual.

For the beam rifle's storage mode, the handle is tilted upward and a hook on top of the weapon is flipped out.

A latch near the wing's joint can be used to mount the beam rifle.

In storage mode, the beam rifle really sticks out behind the model kit. ^^;

Either my skills in adjusting action poses for Master Grade kits have diminished after all this while, or this kit really doesn't allow for a lot of posability. ^^; Still, I won't write it off as terrible since the extremely tough joints are part of the reason why this kit move so poorly, but at the same time, the joints are mighty important to the stability of the Waverider mode. It's a tradeoff between posability in MS mode and the transformation gimmick's execution which is a lot better than the first Master Grade Zeta Gundam, but not as great as Ver. 2.0 of that kit (obviously). ^^

A look at the transformation sequence in the next posting. ^^

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