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Nendoroid Tsuruya-san Part 3 [Final]

"I'm not your Brigade Leader, but I still command you"

Last posting on Nendoroid Tsuruya-san will focus on part-swapping between the figure and Haruhi to get the mind-controlled puppet image as seen in the movie making episode from the anime.

With the Brigade Leader. ^^

A simple swap of the heads and the mood is somewhat changed. ^^
Somehow Haruhi decides to run her own Maid Cafe. I don't want to guess what would be on the menu in there?

Nendoroid Haruhi's arm and leg parts are shown on the left. The most visible difference is the color of the socks.
Even though they look like black in this picture, the color of those stripes on Tsuruya-san's uniform (arm parts) is actually maroon, same as Haruhi's uniform.

As Yuki's mind-controlled puppet.

"Sorry, Mikuru-san, sorry~"

That's very typical of Tsuruya-san to go hysterical even when she's supposed to be just a puppet XD

Success in stealing Haruhi's show for this posting. ^^

"I'm a non-member of SOS, but I'll be giving you orders anyway."

"So, what do you on not wanting to join my brigade?"

Part-swapping with Haruhi to get Tsuruya-san in her puppet image is very simple - no difference at all as compared to if the parts are included with Tsuruya-san herself. It makes me want to wear a tired smile looking at the figure of Tsuruya-san in Haruhi's uniform, when I think about all the trouble I had to go through (as mentioned in Part 1) and the very long wait in order to complete the two sets. ^^; But it's definitely a very fun figure to have. A wacky character that I like very much from its anime in deformed scale is great in providing some laughter and relief amidst all the stress from work. Sometime one has to be able to laugh at the ridiculousness of certain things that happen in life, just like Tsuruya-san in order to continue living in it. At least that's what I think. The bad won't automatically turn to good when you laugh at it, but it's a good start anyway.

Tsuruya-san is the 4th Nendoroid figure reviewed on my blog. The other 3 before her would be Miyuki, Saber Lily and of course, Haruhi.

Definitely not the last one of course. ^^ I do have a few others yet to be opened, including Saber Super Movable Edition, Chiaki Minami, Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition, Cattleya, Kousaka Kirino, and Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set from the Petit series, since it's also part of Nendoroid. ^^ I'll try to keep the dosage of cuteness to not go overloaded for the content of this blog every month. Too much sweetness is bad for one's health. XD

Finally, Miyuki's Mini Story again, Part 3 this time, after Part 1 and Part 2 featured in September last year. ^^

"Look! What's that?!"

"Run, Miyuki, run!"

Moe Yoso!!

The March of the Three Demons!

The moe-moe "demons" in the last picture are really nothing as compared to the one to be featured in the next review series. Who is that exactly? You'll see in a day or two. ^^

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