Sunday, January 20, 2013

BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set Part 2

As usual, gold takes the lead

Starting to work on BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam and Kyoshin Elephant Set after the long introduction yesterday. ^^

I really love the effect of Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold as seen on the previous BB Senshi Sangokuden kit assembled, Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam. ^^ This bundled kit which is very related to it (as discussed in the previous posting) is a great opportunity for that paint effect to be realized again. ^^

Parts to be painted entirely in gold:

Moukaku Gundam's V-fin and gauntlets, Syukuyuu Gundam's hair parts.

Parts to be painted partially in gold:

Moukaku Gundam's neck area.

Tiny decorative bars on Moukaku Gundam's skirt armors.

Bars on Moukaku Gundam's ankle guards.

Syukuyuu Gundam's V-fin and front portion of her helmet.

The necklace-like details on Syukuyuu Gundam's neck area and edges of her chest armor.

Line details circling Syukuyuu Gundam's arms and legs.

Before the "deployment" of Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold (XD), the frontal brim section is painted white using Gundam Marker White.
It would be much easier for the gold paint to be applied after this to cover up any excessive white paint spilled over onto the helmet area than the other way round.

The line details beneath the chest area which are clearly shown on the box art are missing on the actual part. ^^; I'll need to create them myself before I can proceed with the paint work. ^^;

(Left) A slice of double-sided tape serves as the "ruler" to guide the pen knife for the task.
(Right) Cuts are made on both sides of the chest armor.

Not clearly shown the images above, but a tiny piece at the edge on either side of the armor is trimmed off so that the newly cut lines would connect to other sections on the part better.

"Temporary" panel lines applied help to outline all the details clearly. ^^

The skirt armor parts of Moukaku Gundam and body part of Syukuyuu Gundam are panel lined as well before the paint work.

Painted all the parts using Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold.

The rear side of the V-fin and hair parts is painted as well.

The rear side of the gauntlets isn't completely painted though, since it isn't desirable to thicken all the tabs that would be used to connect the gauntlets to the kit's forearm with the paint, and cause problem during assembly.

All the parts that require partial gold paint work are painted as well.

The bottom edge of the protruding chest piece that would be seen on the completed model isn't forgotten. ^^

The rear side of Shukuyuu Gundam's sideburns on the helmet part is painted as well.

Just a beginning to a foreseeable long journey before the entire work on the three separate kits in this bundled set can be completed, more painting and detailing work to be shown in the next posting.

And then more and more after that. ^^;

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CVPhased said...

Hi, just a question. I know you that you hand painted the gold parts in this model, though I think the approach would be the same with spray cans. Was just wondering if you've ever tried putting a layer of flat top coat to gold painted parts and what would its effect be. I'm currently having a dilemma as to whether the flat finish would ruin the gold sheen. Thanks and keep building! :)