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MS Gundam Seed Destiny EF Collection 5: Talia Gladys

The captain and her missing hat

A new Gundam gashapon review after Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army, one that isn't from the ongoing MS Gundam Seed Heroines 4 series. ^^

This is Captain Talia Gladys from MS Gundam Seed Destiny EF Collection 5. Technically, she is the second figurine from that gashapon series, after Lunamaria reviewed last June. However, I do consider her to be a standalone item, since I didn't get the complete set. As you can see from the box art of the gashapon above, there are figurines of three male characters I really don't care about in the entire set. XD I don't want to get the entire set with half of it being items I don't want to have. ^^;

Like Natarle Badgiruel mentioned in the introduction of MS Gundam Seed Heroines 4, Talia Gladys is another female character from the Gundam SEED universe who seemed to be neglected in merchandising. ^^; Oddly (or maybe not ^^;), she and Natarle were both rivals to Captain Ramius, and both of them didn't receive a happy ending in their respective shows, even though Natarle's ill-fate definitely supported the story. For Talia however, it was a case of "Huh, what happened?" XD

And that's just one among the many events in "MS Gundam SEED Destiny" that didn't make sense to me. ^^;

I really like the character of Talia, up until the very last part of the series when the aforementioned strange moment occurred. ^^; I wish for more merchandises to be made based off of her - a large scaled figurine would be great. But as things are presented right now, this gashapon figure will have to do. ^^

The more detailed introduction of the gashapon's box was already shown in the review for Lunamaria so I won't be repeating for Talia in this posting.

Box open.


Parts of the figurines and those for the display stand are separated.

An instruction sheet on how to attach the display stand and clip to the figurine is included.

More images of the figurine after assembling it:

Closeups on the details:

Like Lunamaria, the figurine's head can be turned to give Talia different viewpoints for a little change in the angle of display.

While she looks to her front, Talia's right arm seemed to be up for no obvious reason. XD

A very nice figurine this is, the gradient paint work done on her entire robe is very nice to see. It's a tremendous paint work considering the small size of the figurine. Then again, the robe now has a much darker, almost gray-like overall color scheme to it, which I'm not too fond of really. I like the plain white uniform she wore in the show better. ^^

Another feature the figurine is lacking is the captain hat. ^^; I appreciate the design of revealing Talia entire head without the hat, which is very well done as well by the way, but I think the hat is a very important part of Talia's image which defines her character. I notice the missing captain hat the moment I took all the figurine's parts out from the box, and it's on my mind throughout this review. ^^; An option head with the captain hat on would be great for this gashapon, but alas, it's not included. The figurine is still awesome, but there's just something missing about her that I can't seem to get over with. ^^;

A comparison with the sitting version from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7:

Comparison the two side-by-side, I like the sharper eye appearance of the sitting version better. This MS Gundam Seed Destiny EF Collection 5 version has a very benevolent and gentle look on her face, which is very lovely, but it doesn't really fit the image I have about Talia. I much prefer the ZAFT captain to have a stern and focused look. ^^

And of course, the captain hat. ^^ Don't forget the captain hat. XD

With Lunamaria from the same gashapon set:

Both of them seem to be performing some weird poses. ^^; Putting them together just make the scene even more weirder than it already is. XD

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