Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army Part 3

Diorama set

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army and its awesome display base after the introduction of the latter in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:







Since it's a Revoltech action figure, there's no doubt that Skeleton Army is capable of a wide range of action poses, but without any of that, the plain standing pose of it with support from the display base seems awesome enough to me. ^^ The figure and the base compliment each other so well they seem like partial reconstruction of a set from the movie. ^^ Of course that's limited to the front view, as the hollow rear face of the pillar would be exposed immediately when viewed from a different angle. ^^

I really can't praise enough of the figure and its display base. The former may be proportionately smaller as compared to other action figures, since it's just a skeleton, XD but the paint work applied to it is fantastic. ^^ I'm trying to refrain myself from calling it beautiful, because it's not. XD It's a mean-looking, hollow monotone figure of a skeleton that is probably what I would look like in X-ray. XD The splits between on the rib cage and thorny bits (formally called vertebra) that form the entire spinal column are details that are very nicely realized on Skeleton Army. Besides the sculpt work, the gradient paint work applied to the entire figure, coupled with the weathering effects done to give it an aged look is really fantastic. As with the display base introduced in the previous posting, the boundary between plastic and actual materials that make up the character in the movie does seem to be a bit blurry when the figure is viewed from certain angles. ^^

This figure scores high on my chart when it's put for display purpose only with its special base. Articulation and playability almost seem like bonus features at this point. ^^ Then again, since it's a Revoltech figure, those two elements are equally, if not more important than the figure's look. ^^

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