Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen Part 3

Can't move it? Extend it

A look at Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen's articulation design after the previous posting on Weissritter from the same series. ^^

Ball-type joint for the neck allows the head to be tilted from side to side very easily.
As long as the shoulders are not bent upward, there's enough room for the head's movement to avoid collision between the two large fins with the shoulders.

(Left) Tilting the head to look up is pretty easy as well, ...
(Right) ... but adjustment for Alteisen to look down is limited as its chin would hit the neck area. ^^;

Cheat code unlocked (XD) for the neck joint: just pull the head upward to extend the neck joint.

Much wider movement range achieved by the head. ^^

Side-to-side bends are possible for the waist.

Bending the body backward is easy, but the opposite motion proves to be impossible due to the vent on the abdomen that blocks that movement.

The waist has the same extension capability as the neck joint. ^^

The flexible double hinge joint is collapsed inside the abdomen in normal mode, and would be stretched when the waist is extended. ^^

Bending the waist forward is possible now, albeit limited in its range of movement, but a much wider overall articulation is achieved for the waist with the extended joint.

The shoulders can swing forward and backward very easily.

The shoulder block is on hinge joint that allows it to be bent upward so that the arm can be lifted for 90 degrees from the side.

Oddly, I find the rotation of the left arm to be somewhat limited, even though there's no such problem with the right arm. ^^;
It could be a part of the die-cast shoulder joint that blocks this movement. ^^;
Also, as you can see, ball-type joint is incorporated for the wrist.

The elbow joint.
As seen from the two images before this one, the elbow bend is pretty standard.

The upper arm can swivel around on the shoulder joint.

The four large vents behind the shoulders are individually movable.

Another look at the very beautiful painted interior of the vents. ^^

Like the two main thrusters on Weissritter's backpack, all four of Alteisen's thrusters are individual movable via ball-type joints that connect them to the backpack.

Much like the skirt armor on a Gunpla kit, the frontal piece can be lifted, while the side skirt armor has a much wider range of motion ...

... thanks to the ball-type joint that connects it to the waist.

The hip joints are standard swivel-hinge combo joints that can be found on most action figures nowadays.

Very wide expansion of the legs enabled by the hip joints.

Just about 90 degrees for the knee bend.

The thigh can rotate around on the hip joint.

The ankle guard can be lifted.

Ball-type joint allows the ankle to be tilted in a wide range of motion. "Normal" poses are alright for the joint, but the foot will eventually hit the ankle armor in more dramatic poses. ^^;

Quite similar to the waist joint, the ankle joint can be extended to move the foot outward and away from the ankle armor to give it a much wider range of movement. ^^

The front part of the foot is on hinge joint that allows it to be bent upward and downward.

Disregarding the Chogokin title from this figure, for having over 20 articulation points with extension gimmick for some of them, this is quite an amazing action figure. ^^ I can imagine how the special joint gimmick is going to project a much more dynamic image for Alteisen, especially its waist. It's definitely designed for playability and action poses, which will be shown along with its weapon gimmicks in the posting after the next one, as the focus is back on Weissritter again, and it's its turn to be featured next in this double feature. ^^

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